Customize Solar Snow Guards with Colorful Finishes To Match Your Roof

Alpine’s solar snow guards are designed to reduce the risk of avalanching snow and ice from rooftop solar arrays and carports. Two recommended components of our three-part system can be customized with colorful finishes; the third is anodized black and blends with the panels. Alpine performs in-house powder coating with a dedicated team utilizing state-of-the-art equipment.

Many color options are available, let’s explore some!

Solar Snow Management System

Alpine SnowGuards’ three-component solar snow management system is recommended for all roof mounted or carport solar arrays in snowy regions with a pitch of 2/12 or greater.

Here’s where the three components of the system are installed:

  • One is roof-mounted (175+ Tiger Drylac Powder Coat colors)
  • One is array-mounted (Pre-Painted Kynar® Stock Color Options)
  • One is installed between panels (anodized black to blend with solar panels)

Finish Options for Solar Snow Guards

A multitude of finish options for our solar snow guards are available to help minimize appearance or maximize contrast with building materials.

SSG-313 Roof-Mounted Bracket

  • Bracket: Mill Finish and can be powder coated
  • 175+ Tiger Drylac Powder Coat Options

Tiger Drylac Powder Coat Options for SSG-313 Roof-Mounted Bracket


Solar SnowMax-Universal Array-Mounted

  • Bar: Mill Finish; Insert Strip: Optional
  • Pre-Painted Kynar® Stock Colors for Optional Insert Strip

Solar Snow Dog Pad-Style Installs Between Panels

  • Anodized black to blend with solar panels

Solar Snow Dog pad-style system installs between panels (anodized black only)


Download Colorful Finish PDFs

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Learn More About Solar Snow Management

Alpine SnowGuards innovated the market’s first and only solar snow management system. With almost a decade of research and development, we’ve developed a three-part system that has been rigorously performance tested at our in-house research facility.

Learn more about solar snow management: