Alpine’s Research Facility Observations 2022 – 2023

Snow Guard Performance Testing

When we’re not skiing, ice fishing, snowmobiling or shoeing, we’re manufacturing snow guards and watching footage from rooftop cameras at our performance facility. We capture thousands of images of our snow guards’ performance. Observing snow melt around our snow guards is particularly informative when roof types, snow guard styles and patterns are varied.

Year after year, our performance facility gives us multiple opportunities to record data in a variety of ever changing conditions. In all, we have 16 cameras, 11 roof and ledge surfaces, and a Davis Weather Station to monitor snow guard performance and inform our product designs.

All our products are rigorously performance tested at our in-house testing facility, by 3rd party testing facilities, and in the field by roofing experts. The ASCE standard is Alpine SnowGuards’ baseline to test against. Then, Alpine factors in rooftop snow behavior when snow guards are applied.

Here’s what the Winter 2022-2023 season looked like at Alpine!

December 2022 – First Storms of the Season

Wire Loop HD Pad-Style Snow Guard | EcoStar Synthetic Shake Roof

Pictured here is a time lapse video of Wire Loop HDs on EcoStar roofing that shows their snow holding ability. En masse, they are a very effective system and prized for their low profile appearance.


Wire Loop HDs (upslope) and Snow Birds (at the eave) | DaVinci Synthetic Slate Roof

December storms provided excellent opportunities to observe snow guard performance. In this case, galvanized steel Wire Loop HDs are upslope and copper Snow Birds with rods are at the eave on synthetic slate. The rods are optional and can be added during or after install if the need arises.


Snow Bird and Wire Loop snow guards retaining snow on a DaVinci synthetic slate roof


PD80s Pad-Style Snow Guard | Corrugated Metal Roof

A December storm was no match for PD80s on corrugated metal. This snow guard mechanically fastens into the roof structure and can be powder coated to match a roof with 175+ Tiger Drylac colors to choose from.


January 2023 – Two Successive Storms Bring 8″ & 6″ of Snow

This is what we saw on a Friday afternoon after two storms dumped 8″ and 6″ of snow atop our performance facility rooftops.

The snow guards are doing what we designed them to do: hold snow in place so it can melt gradually versus avalanching.

Pictured from left on a 12/12 pitch roof:

February 2023 – Parting Shot of Winter, Part 1

Copper Plated Snow Birds with Rods at Eave & Wire Loops Upslope | DaVinci Synthetic Slate Roof

This performance facility roof section features Snow Birds at the eave and Wire Loops upslope on DaVinci Synthetic Slate roofing material. Two rows of Snow Birds with optional rods work in tandem, holding snow until it melts completely, while the upslope Wire Loops retain the snow until it departs in smaller chunks.


March 2023 – Parting Shot of Winter, Part 2

Wire Loop Pad-Style Snow Guard | DaVinci Synthetic Slate Roof

Synthetic slate behaves differently then natural slate, so we like to test various snow guards’ performance on alternative materials. This video features Wire Loops, which have a 450lb ultimate snow load capability, working exceptionally well when installed per our recommendation. 


March 2023 – Parting Shot of Winter, Part 3

Wire Loop Pad-Style Snow Guard | EcoStar Synthetic Shake Roof

The final video in our Parting Shots of Winter series features matte black Wire Loops’ performance on Ecostar synthetic shake. Not only do they blend well with the roofing material, but each loop has 450lbs ultimate snow load and holds snow and ice until it gradually melts and departs the roof in smaller chunks.



We keep snow in its place 


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