Gutters: In the Line of Fire

Let’s talk about an element of our homes that most of us don’t think about all that often, until we have to.


They’re there, they do their job, we clean debris & leaves out of them periodically throughout the warmer months, spray them off from time to time to eliminate staining, and that’s pretty much the extent of it.

But bring on a storm like Uma, and those almost forgotten gutters need some serious attention. A couple feet of snow will pack a wicked punch to your gutters, since they’re directly in the line of fire. It’s that time of year, and this type of storm, that get many people to start thinking thoughts along the lines of, “I really should’ve had snow guards installed” (either that or, “I really should’ve moved South” – ha!)


You should definitely have snow guards installed, even if the area you live in receives only traces of snow on a yearly basis, one storm is all it takes.  Your gutters and the areas immediately surrounding your home (landscaping, your deck, porch, air conditioning unit, BBQ grill, cars, people, and pets) deserve protection from avalanching snow.  Think of it as preventative maintenance.

Alpine SnowGuards is here to help. As the industry leader in the design, engineer, and manufacture of over 60 snow management systems, we have a solution (in-stock or custom) for every roof type, available in many style, material, and color options, all of which have been fabricated through precision-based knowledge.

You see, the founder of Alpine SnowGuards is a former roofer, and so he and our team understand just how important maintaining the integrity of your roof is. It comes above anything else.

Our snow guard systems won’t void roofing manufacturer’s warranties, and they are all rugged, extensively tested, and versatile by design – not to mention we have a style to compliment every roof, and to please every taste.

Our Customer Service team is truly second to none, our lead-times are hard to beat, and our Online Project Calculator will spell out what is needed for your specific snow guard project.  Want to try the calculator? Just sign up here (it only takes a second, I promise).

Have questions?  Please don’t hesitate to email us or give us a call at 888-766-4273.  That’s what we’re here for!

Visit us online, where you can search by roof type or by snow guard style. We’ve even developed solutions specifically for use on solar arrays – Solar SnowMax, Solar SnowMax-R2 and Solar Snow Pad.

So, before that next storm hits (“Violet” is next in line, for those of you that want to follow along), get those snow guards installed!  You’ll be surprised at the difference they make.


If you have any questions, or would like any additional information, you can visit us online, or contact us by phone at 888.766.4273 or by email at





We keep snow in its place

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Alpine SnowGuards designs, engineers, and manufactures snow management systems from our facilities in Morrisville, VT. We work closely with leading roofing contractors, engineering firms, developers, and roofing manufacturers to ensure we deliver quality products that do what we say they’ll do.