New Kid on the Block: Alpine SimpleGuard!

If you were at METALCON this year and made your way over to the Alpine SnowGuards booth, THANK YOU!

If not, that means one of two things: 1) We didn’t get a chance to see you (boooo!), AND 2) you didn’t get a chance to check out our Alpine SimpleGuard, the newest system in our lineup that was designed specifically for managing rooftop snow on metal standing seam applications.

Most of you are already familiar with our SnowMax fence-style system. Alpine SimpleGuard is similar in that it’s also a fence-style snow management system. What’s not so familiar is the block component of this system – we call it SimpleBlock.

What’s so unique about SimpleBlock?

SimpleBlock was designed to give the installer the north-south finite adjustability that’s often needed, combined with a universal compatibility with either the clip and bar for managing rooftop snow, or with an end spacer and mid-clamps for mounting solar arrays onto metal standing seam roofs (offered through our Sister company EcoFasten Solar).

What makes SimpleBlock so, well….“simple”?

The block itself clamps to the seam by utilizing 2 oval-point set screws, which creates a secure attachment point without damaging or compromising the integrity of the roofing material. While we’re on the subject of those 2 oval-point set screws….ours come pre-installed, so there’s no searching for them, no time spent installing them into the blocks, and no dropping one (or ten) and the bitter agony of watching it as it rolls off the edge of a roof. We’ve been there. Maniacal laughter ensues….

Take a look at the clip (below left) and bar (below right) that immediately transform the SimpleBlock into the Alpine SimpleGuard. It’s the only block on the market that allows for finite adjustability thanks to the T-Slot on top of the block.


Snow Management – Alpine SimpleGuard (SimpleBlock, Clip with one hex headed flange bolt/nut, Bar, and Splice Plates as needed)

Clip slides into SimpleBlock and engages “hook” on the back of the bar.

Solar, Rail-Based – SimpleBlock (SimpleBlock (U profile or T profile) and one hex headed flange bolt 5/16”-18×1.25”)

Clamp-to-seam style block is attached to standing seam and can be used with any manufacturer’s L-feet to attach to racking.

Solar, Rail-Free – SimpleBlock-PV (SimpleBlock (U profile or T profile), End Spacers, and Mid-Clamps)

The End Spacers and Mid-Clamps that sits on top of the SimpleBlock are what transform the SimpleBlock into the SimpleBlock-PV. The T-Slot on top of the block accepts a long hex headed bolt, which is then fitted with an End Spacer (in configurations available for either 32mm, 35mm, or 40mm modules). A mid-clamp is then added to create a rail-free racking system designed specifically for metal standing seam roofing! For between-module placement, a 2 layer mid-clamp/coupling is used.

With so many applications and so many beneficial features, the different systems that utilize SimpleBlock should get you well on your way into your next metal standing seam project.

If you’d like more information on the Alpine SimpleGuard, feel free to email Alpine SnowGuards or call 888.766.4273

For more information on the SimpleBlock or SimpleBlock-PV for solar applications, the EcoFasten staff can be reached via email or by calling 877.859.3947


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