The Proof on the Roof

The installation photos keep rolling in – so thank you to everyone who’s continuing to send them to us! We’re excited to not only include them in our galleries and/or product pages, but mostly we’re excited to share them with YOU – it’s always so much easier to understand how a system works when you can see it in use, as opposed to as a static, still shot. We try to incorporate exploded view images for all our products, which is great, but in all honestly, there’s always something to be said for photos showing a system at work.


On the EcoFasten Solar side of things, we were fortunate to receive some awesome images this month – there’s definitely no shortage of GreenFasten™ photos, which makes perfect sense, since this is our most popular solar roof mount, and this month has been no different – 2 GreenFasten photos really stood out. (In case you’re not familiar with GreenFasten, in a nutshell it’s the go-to roof mount system for comp shingle roofing, used by the top 3 installers in the U.S. – EcoFasten’s patented, watertight compression technology will maintain the integrity of your roof, and it’s the fastest, most cost-effective attachment point in the industry….yeah, it’s pretty great).

This photo RGS Energy sent our way is gorgeous – not only in aesthetics, but also in workmanship. RGS always does a pristine job when it comes to installations, and this one is no different. Thank you, RGS!

rgs-1 GF

When Andrew Sorowka, a well-known Renewable Energy Entrepreneur out of Ottawa, ON ( sent us this photo, I was particularly impressed with the angle of the shot – taken from a bucket loader, you can see everything! Since this photo was taken mid-install, you can also see the GreenFasten system in use. What a truly great photo!


Sunrun took this fantastic photo of our Conduit Mount Tile System installed, and doing the job it was engineered to do.  The adjustable system is raised to lift electrical conduit off the roof, and because of its universal design, the bracket can be positioned in either North-South, or East-West orientation. An added bonus? It works on all tile profiles. We’ve also designed a conduit solution for comp shingle and metal roofing.

E-W Conduit Run conduit-mount-tile_1134_detail

Solar Design Associates in Harvard, MA shared this great photo of our newest metal corrugated roof mounting solution, CorruSlide. With attachment to the sides of the rib, instead of in the valley where water flows, this unique bracket works as a hinge to easily fit all known corrugated profiles, and it adjusts North-South and East-West, giving the installer full flexibility when installing an array.

IMG_4634 CS

Our Sister Company, Alpine SnowGuards, the industry leader in snow management systems for all roof types, was also happy to receive some stellar photos this month, and just like the solar side of the business, wanted to share them, since the solar world has been loving Alpine’s Solar SnowMax (snow management for solar arrays), and the 2 industries go hand-in-hand.

When RicMan Enterprises in Plainfield, CT sent this photo to us, we were psyched. While we have lots of photos of our SnowMax system installed, we rarely receive a photo of it installed with the optional ice flags. It’s shown here also with the optional color insert strip to match the roofing material (which most contractor’s and homeowner’s opt to include).

1 300 dpi

One of our clamp-to-seam snow management solutions is the ASG33G pad-style snow guard. Here you can see it being installed by Boss Enterprises in Wilmington, DE. We love the angle of this shot, and the fact that it was taken mid-installation. No need for powder-coating to match this roof, but it is available.

0406 asg33g_350px_1969_detail

Euroshield Roofing in Calgary, AB sent us this photo of our #40R (retrofit) pad-style snow guards installed on a synthetic shake roof, and complimenting it very well, I might add, while allowing snow and ice to drop odd in small amounts, or melt completely before falling to the ground.

Alpine-5 PD40R

If you have installation images you would like to share with us, feel free to send them to me – you never know, they may end up in another installation images blog, on Twitter, FacebookLinkedIn, or even our website gallery. C’mon….don’t be shy!

Thanks in advance – I hope you all have a nice week, and if you observe, a nice Easter, as well.



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