The Proof is on the Roof: Installation Images

At the end of April I published a post entitled, “Sometimes you just want to see photos!” – since then, we’ve unveiled our completely revamped EcoFasten Solar® website, exhibited at PV America in Boston, and today through Thursday, at Intersolar in San Francisco (stop by booth #9033 and see what’s new).

During all of the excitement this year has brought, lots of you have been sending us installation images of projects using our products – thank you so much, we appreciate it!

As we roll into July, I thought this would be as good a time as any to share some more of those installation images.  There will be a mix here – several of our solar roof mounts and some of our snow management systems (I know, I know….no one wants to even THINK of snow in July, even though it’s wiser to install snow guards now than once the snow is here).

On the EcoFasten Solar side of things, I would have to say that the top 5 systems installers and distributors alike seek out time and time again are GreenFasten™,QuikFoot, Simple Seal, Eco-44R-NDD and Eco-44.  Just last week at PV America we launched our new CorruSlide, a solar roof mount solution for corrugated metal roofs (coming soon to our website).  A few weeks before that, we launched our Tile Flashing Systems in profiles for flat, W and S tile roofs.

Alpine SnowGuards® has been busy, as well.  In February we returned from the International Roofing Expo in Las Vegas.  This was our first show sporting our brand new booth!  We had such a great reaction to the booth, and to our products, that we booked next year’s booth space right then and there.  The new Alpine SnowGuards website, due to launch sometime this week, will showcase everything in our product line, has a handy “Your Roof Type?” search feature, as well as our easy to fill out layout request form – just plug in your information and our Customer Service team will send you a FREE layout for your snow guard project.

OK, on with the photos!!

John Caravette of Earth Wind and Solar Energy in Chicago sent us these great images of our GreenFasten™ system being installed on one of their solar projects.  He says he has yet to see anything faster than an install using this system.  Thanks, John!  We’re happy to hear it.

John Caravette_Earth Wind and Solar Energy_Chicago, IL (2)

John Caravette_Earth Wind and Solar Energy_Chicago, IL (7)

Speaking of GreenFasten™, Otie Filkorn of SunCommon in Waterbury Center, Vermont, sent us these images of a 5.4kW array in Cambridge, Vermont.

Otie Filkorn_SunCommon_Waterbury Center, VT_5.4 kW array_Cambridge, VT_.jpg

Otie Filkorn_SunCommon_Waterbury Center, VT_5.4 kW array_Cambridge, VT.jpg

Frans Van Bodengraven of Peck Electric Solar Division in South Burlington, Vermont sent us this great close-up image of an L-Foot at work with our ASG-U Clamp for use on metal standing seam roofs.  These clamps are made by our Sister Company Alpine SnowGuards and have proven an ideal solution for either fence-style snow management systems, or as seen here, for mounting solar arrays.  This product truly “bridges the gap” between the 2 companies.


Perfect segue into the world of snow guards….

Tony Cuda at Langer Roofing and Sheet Metal in Milwaukee was nice enough to send this image of our #10 pad-style snow guards in copper, atop the slate roof on the Symmetry Corporation, also in Milwaukee.  Thanks Tony!

Symmetry Corporation_Milwaukee, WI_Langer Roofing and Sheet Metal Inc._Milwaukee, WI

Aspen Roofing Services David Benson out of Peabody, MA passed along this photo of our #225 Three-Pipe Height Adjustable Snow Guard high atop the roof of this residence in Beverly Farms, MA.  As you can see here, this system is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do.

Residence_ (3)_Beverly Farms, MA_David Benson_Aspen Roofing Services Inc._Peabody, MA

If you’re looking for solar roof mounts that will ensure you’ll be working with some of the very fastest attachment points in the industry, feel free to send us an email.  If you would like to first see a sample, request one here.  Check out the website for all your solar roof mount needs.  We even manufacture a Conduit Mount solution, available for composition shingle, metal and tile roofs.  Roof mounts for all roof types – we truly are committed to the connection.

In the market for snow guards?  Email us with questions, or visit our website to browse our many styles (we have a style for every roof type, new or retrofit, residential or commercial).  Our snow guards are rugged, versatile and attractive additions to any roof.  We keep snow in its place so you don’t have to worry about snow avalanching on people, pets, expensive landscaping, cars, air conditioning units, patios, decks and anything else that might be in the area immediately surrounding your home.


EcoFasten Solar® is currently exhibiting at Intersolar booth #9033 in San Francisco, CA – stop by and say hi if you’re there.  We will also be at Solar Power International in Las Vegas, NV in October, at booth #1555.  It’s still early, but we wanted to let you know now so you can add us to your calendar.

Connect with EcoFasten Solar® through LinkedIn and Pinterest.  Alpine SnowGuards® is also on LinkedIn and Pinterest.

As always, if you have any project photos utilizing our products, feel free to send them to – they may show up in a future post or in the project gallery on our websites.


All of our products are made in the USA and always have been. We don’t suffer from import tariffs, and we’re proud to keep American jobs in America.

Let us know what you think! Question? Just ask!