The Integrity of the Roof

Many of the solar installation professionals out there (hopefully) know that the biggest priority when installing an array is the act of maintaining the integrity of the roof. If you install an array and then weeks, months, or years later, the fastener points leak, your company’s integrity will most likely be on the line. No one wants that. Not you. Not your insurance company. Definitely not the homeowner.

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If you aren’t already familiar with the long line of EcoFasten Solar roof mounts, you can be confident in the fact that our systems won’t void roofing manufacturer’s warranties. Our President and founder is a former roofer whose career began back in the 70’s. He knows that the roof itself comes first and foremost, and he also knows that cost and speed are also huge factors when it comes to any roofing job, whether that job is a re-roof, or the install of a solar array. (Yes, that’s actually him on the left, on a consulting job in Japan).


We work very closely with the top players in the industry in order to develop breakthrough watertight solar roof mount solutions that are versatile, simple, and secure.  All of our products are manufactured in-house in Morrisville, Vermont (10 minutes from Stowe for those ski bums out there), giving us complete control over the entire design process.  We also employ a dedicated team ridiculously rich with talent, who understand roofing industry’s best practices so we can deliver products that do exactly what we say they’ll do.


So how do we do it?  The secret behind the EcoFasten technology was actually first used in the 1990’s (and still is) by our Sister Company, Alpine SnowGuards. Having been tested to withstand even the most rugged environments, our systems have been proven time and again as not only waterproof options, but also as hassle-free, cost-effective options that are extremely fast to install.  Characterized by roof type, each system can be paired with a variety of brackets, giving the installer the freedom of attachment to almost all racking options out there.



The difference is the milled countersink on the underside of our compression brackets. Depending on your roof type, our base plates, flashings and/or EPDM rubber bushings will form a super snug fit into the bracket’s countersink. Here’s a photo showing how it all works (shown here is our GreenFasten™ system for composition shingle roofing).

howitworks howitworks2

Once installed, a compression-fit, completely watertight seal is formed, offering 3 levels of watertight protection.


Now that you know how it works, take a look at all the options.  We have a system for all roof types, including:

Composition Shingle



Standing Seam

SIPs Panels



On each product page you can view pricing, see the features & benefits unique to each system, download product guides and other documentation, check out all compatible bracket options, as well as request a sample.

In the coming weeks, our solar snow management solution (developed by Alpine SnowGuards) will also be available on the EcoFasten website – in the meantime, you can take a peek at Solar SnowMax on the Alpine site and find out more about why it has quickly become the go-to snow management system specifically designed for use on solar arrays.


I hope you can all carve just a few minutes out of your day to have a look at our product line – I know we have the solution you’ve been looking for. There’s a reason the top 3 installers in the country rely on us….find out why.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and have a fantastic rest of your week!!  Temperatures are finally getting into the 30’s in Northern Vermont, so no complaints here ☼.


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