The Importance of Using Proper Set Screws

When you’re attaching anything to a metal roof – snow management systems, solar arrays, duct work, satellite dishes, and more – it’s important not to damage the roofing material in the process. To ensure you maintain the integrity of your roof, make sure you have the right clamp-to-seam option for the project, especially since using incorrect, or inferior clamps will void the roofing manufacturer’s warranty.

There’s been some chatter in the industry recently, mainly from our competition, in regards to the set screws that are utilized with our clamp-to-seam solutions. I’m telling you what you already know here: Don’t believe everything the competition tells you.

Our clamp-to-seam products use oval-point set screws, which are rounded at the tip, so they won’t penetrate the roofing material, while allowing you to tighten and re-tighten the set screws as the seam material compresses.


Some additional key points to remember when choosing and installing clamps:

  • Choose clamps that don’t utilize adhesives and you won’t have to worry about temperature changes.
  • Before you install, always check that the roof panels are securely fastened to the roof, so they can do their job in absorbing the load that will be transferred by adding clamps.
  • Check your torque settings and be sure to use the setting that’s consistent with the installation instructions from the clamp manufacturer.
  • When installing clamps for snow management systems, make sure to leave a break every 100 feet to allow for thermal expansion.


If you do your homework before choosing clamp-to-seam options for your project, you’ll avoid the pitfalls of using the incorrect set screws with your clamps.

Alpine SnowGuards offers a wide variety of clamp-to-seam snow management systems that utilize oval-point set screws because we know that the integrity of the roof comes first and foremost.

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