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GreenFasten™ – the solar roof mounting solution for composition shingle roofs.


There’s a reason the top 3 installers in the U.S. rely on it for fast, easy, hassle-free installations.  Backed by IAPMO certification, and delivering the most cost-effective solution on the market, GreenFasten utilizes the patented watertight compression technology that EcoFasten Solar® is known for.  The system is ideal for both new and existing (retrofit) roofs, since the removal of shingles is not necessary, and like all of the solutions in our extensive line of products, GreenFasten is made in the USA using recycled materials.

GF Exploded

So, just how easy is it to install GreenFasten?

This easy….

  1.  Locate your rafters and snap horizontal and vertical lines to mark the installation position for each flashing.

Step 1

2.  Drill a pilot hole for the lag bolt (can also be used with optional GRK self-drilling fastener), and backfill with sealant.  We recommend an EPDM mastic.

Step 2

3.  Slide flashing up under upper course of shingles.  Push in far enough up-slope to prevent water infiltration through vertical joint in shingles.

Step 3

4.  Line up the pilot hole with the fastener point in the flashing, inserting the lag bolt through the EPDM washer, the chosen component bracket (ours or from a 3rd party – there are a variety of options), and into the rafter.

Step 4

5.  Torque.  The range is between 100-140 torque inch-pounds depending on the type of wood and the time of year.  The visual indicator for proper torque is when the EPDM on the underside of the bonded washer begins to push out from the sides, as the washer is compressed.

Step 5

Pretty easy, right?

GreenFasten is compatible with a number of EcoFasten compression brackets, as well as 3rd party L-Feet with the use of our CP-SQ-Slotted Adaptor Plate.  Fast.  Easy.  Reliable.  Engineered to perfection and secure in all aspects, because we want your next install to be simple and straightforward.

GreenFasten offers 3 levels of watertight protection – here’s how it works:

Vertical HOW

If you’ve ever used GreenFasten, you already know all about the benefits.  If you haven’t, get a free sample and see for yourself.

Have questions?  Shoot us an email and we’ll answer them for you.

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