The EcoFasten Solar Team Has Exciting News to Share!

No,  no one here won the lottery (darn).

Our BIG news is all about YOU, our customer – you who have supported us, used our products, came back for more and spread the word about how straightforward, fast and easy it is to install the EcoFasten Solar line of products.

Big News

Introducing our latest in solar roof mount solutions….

(drumroll, please)




conduit-mount-bracket_2_696_general conduit-mount-bracket_3_1636_detail

We have engineered and designed our Conduit Mounts with you in mind.  We asked ourselves, “how can we make it easier to secure electrical conduit?”, and then we thought, “let’s design a bracket that works for both tile AND composition shingle roofs”, followed by the thought, “We’ll need a system that works for both new and retrofit roofs”….and then we went to work.  Our exceptionally talented design and engineering teams set out to produce a no-hassle system, and that is exactly what they’ve done.

Intelligently designed to raise array wiring off the roof, with swivel positioning options for N-S or E-W bracket orientation, we are more than confident that we have developed a system that will exceed your expectations, and will do exactly what we set out to do – make it easy, make it smart, and make it the “go-to” system you will use time and time again.

Solar Thumbs Up

This innovative system is also ideal for HVAC, Electrical and Solar Water Heating installations.  Pass this info along to your friends in those industries and help us get the word out.

Give us a call or email us to learn more, find out about additional roof type options, or to request a sample.

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Industry leader EcoFasten Solar designs, engineers, and manufactures patented, watertight solar roof mounts. The company provides mounting solutions that are easy to install, cost-effective, rugged in fabrication, and unsurpassed in quality. Comprised of a seasoned and growing team of professionals with talent, ability, and drive, all EcoFasten Solar products are precision-designed with the installer in mind. 


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