A SIPs Solution: There’s Nothing Else Like It

Installing solar arrays on Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs) can be complex, since there’s no embedded lumber throughout the structure. The EcoFasten Solar R&D and engineering teams love opportunities like this because it gives them the chance to do what they do best – create fast, easy, straight-forward solutions that makes sense, while remaining cost-effective. The Eco-44R-NDD Keep reading….

EcoFasten Solar: Installation Images Abound!

Every few months, we reach out to our customers to see if they have any installation images of projects using our products that could share with us. Every time we ask, we get more than the last time, and wow, we are impressed with the work you are all doing! We rarely see an image Keep reading….

Top 2016 Home Solar Trends

Remember summer? That lovely, fleeting season (in the Northeast anyway) when we enjoy bonfires, s’mores, BBQ’s, camping, gardening….ah, I could go on and on….but I won’t. Although not “official” until June 21st, it’s FINALLY feeling like summer here in the Green Mountains of Northern Vermont. The grass is green, the days are warmer (it was Keep reading….

What Does a Leader Looks Like?

Every year, the amazing crew at Solar Power World open their polls in their “Leadership in Solar Energy” series. This year, EcoFasten Solar was nominated again in the Racking & Mounting category! Woohoo! We’re excited and honored, and are ready to charge full steam ahead into 2016 and beyond in order to help further grow the already Keep reading….

EcoFasten Solar: Because the Integrity of the Roof Comes First

The top priority when installing an array is the act of maintaining the integrity of the roof. The best solar installers in the industry already know this. If you install an array and the fastener points leak, the roof, and your company’s integrity, will be on the line. No one wants that. Not you. Not your insurance company. Definitely Keep reading….

CorruSlide: An Interactive 3D Model

If your name is Matt, and you’re the resident Animator at EcoFasten Solar, you do things that create confidence, in that your animations are so clear, so concise, that anyone who watches them even once can see how easy our solar roof mount systems are to install. If you’re me, well….you write about it. I Keep reading….

EcoFasten Solar is Relocating

What a year 2015 has been! We launched our rail-free Rock-It System at Intersolar, and our low-slope solution, SimpleGrip, at SPI. We exhibited at FIVE tradeshows (2 of which were with our Sister company Alpine SnowGuards). We grew. We hired on more talent. And now….we’re SO excited to announce that we’re relocating to Phoenix, Arizona. Keep reading….

62 Useful Topics For Solar Installers

Over the past 2 years, a number of posts have appeared on the blog that’s shared by EcoFasten Solar and our sister company Alpine SnowGuards….blogs relating to the solar industry, solar in general, mounting solutions, bracket options, solar snow management, links to animation videos, and everything in between. Last week, right as the 2015 tradeshow season was coming Keep reading….

The Whirlwind Known As Tradeshow Season 2015

Wow. What a tradeshow season 2015 is turning out to be! Hot on the heels of Intersolar and SPI, next week we’re heading to Tampa to exhibit at the 25th annual Metalcon, along with our Sister Company Alpine SnowGuards. All of this as the leaves are changing color, a new crispness can be felt in Keep reading….

The Countdown Is On: EcoFasten Solar To Launch Rock-It System At Intersolar

Imagine all your installs being fast, hassle-free, and straightforward. Because using a rail-free system should be so easy you’ll never want to use anything else. It’s been on the Horizon for a while now….the momentum has been building….and we’re ready to launch! The crew here at EcoFasten Solar is excited to finally announce the latest Keep reading….