The Fastest Install in the Industry

GreenFasten™ – the solar roof mounting solution for composition shingle roofs. There’s a reason the top 3 installers in the U.S. rely on it for fast, easy, hassle-free installations.  Backed by IAPMO certification, and delivering the most cost-effective solution on the market, GreenFasten utilizes the patented watertight compression technology that EcoFasten Solar® is known for.  The system is ideal Keep reading….

Installations Taking Far Too Long? Discover the EcoFasten Difference.

When solar installers are in search of solar attachment points, they are looking for options that will ensure a quick install, an easy install, and a design that is not only straightforward, but will also eliminate any guess-work, or worse, rework.  Pretty much the same goes for Distributors – with the goal being to find Keep reading….

Did You Know?

Five mind-boggling statistics about the solar industry…. It is always so intriguing to stumble upon facts regarding the solar industry….not only because of the extreme global interest in the subject matter at hand, but also because the information is remarkable and continually sheds light on the fact that solar just makes sense. I have started Keep reading….