Solving as Many Snow Guard Challenges as Possible

Thank you for the outpouring of well wishes from all of you who have commented on my retirement from the solar industry. Yes, it’s official. April 15th was my last day with EcoFasten Solar.

To all of the close friends, hard-working employees who care, honest competitors that did not knock me off, customers who paid their bills on time, selfless solar industry associations focused on world change, big thinkers who drive the industry to accomplish more for less, Alec Bornemann, my right-hand man and co-inventor, and last but not least, my wife and business partner who has never wavered in her support….thank you!

To those of you who don’t fit into the above list, you’re welcome. I’m guessing for you my departure has not involved many tears.   

So now I move on to solving as many snow guard challenges as possible, and writing my story. My blog will start coming out weekly, filled with good humor, life experience stories, classic cars, plenty of roofing industry observations, Jimmy Buffet-style pictures, and of course adventures in fly fishing (that’s me below, bone fishing in Turks and Caicos).

From my country-boy roots in Vermont where I learned to install slate by salvaging it mostly from old barns, to publishing The Slate Book, to slate roof consulting at the Pentagon, to creating and growing Alpine SnowGuards more than 20 years ago, to creating and growing EcoFasten Solar more than 12 years ago, to today, as I write this note from my patio in Tucson, Arizona – what an adventure!

And those are just the success stories. There were plenty of failures along the way that taught me even more about business and life. It may not be easy to change gears, but I’m pretty certain I’ll figure it out.

I hope you’ll tag along for the ride. 

Until next time,

Brian Stearns

President & Founder, Alpine SnowGuards

We keep snow in its place


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