Snow Management Systems for Metal Roofing

Alpine SnowGuards’ wide variety of options and configurations for managing rooftop snow spans all roof types. However, here are snow management systems we designed specifically for metal roofing.

Snow Guards for Metal Standing Seam Roofing

Standing seam, or clamp-to-seam style, snow guards are designed specifically for use with metal standing seam roofs. They are available in options for both vertical and horizontal seam configurations. Alpine offers standing seam style snow guards in pad, pipe and fence styles, and in a wide variety of powder coating options to match the roofing material.

Some of the more popular options for managing snow on those gorgeous, metal roofs:

ASG33 (Pad)

The uniquely shaped flag of the ASG33 adds visual interest to any roof. The flag and the block can be powder coated to suit differing tastes and roofing material colors, and are also available in mill finish and brass.

ASG4025 (Pipe)

Forged from a solid block of recycled aluminum and measuring 5.25” tall, the ASG4025 is a rugged two-pipe system that utilizes 3 oval-point set screws (these all go on one side of the bracket, for anyone out there wondering). The thick fabrication is double the standard thickness to reduce twisting, and the clamp-to-seam technology will not void panel manufacturers warranties.

SnowMax-Standing Seam (Fence)

Fabricated from 6000 Series Aluminum, our fence-style SnowMax is the strongest snow management system on the market. Fast and easy to install, SnowMax also saves a ton of time and money, due to the increased bracket spacing of up to 48” on center. You can also get a color inserts strip to match the roofing material. We’ve seen similar systems installed, and we know ours is the most hassle-free of all the options out there.

Snow Guards for Corrugated Metal Roofing

Corrugated metal roofing requires a different approach to managing snow, and so our snow guards have been engineered accordingly. We again offer pad, pipe and fence style snow guards for this roof type, paying special attention to maintaining the integrity of the roof.

PD80 (Pad)

Two of the aspects that went into the engineering of our PD80: 1) The “saddle” design holds back snow and ice while allowing melt-off and rain to flow through, and 2) Moves the standard penetration point from the water drain channel to the top of the roof, placing the penetration points above the surface of the panel.

PP145 (Pipe)

Available in two-pipe and three-pipe options, the PP145 system employs compression technology to keep the roof watertight. The four milled countersinks on the underside of the PP145 bracket accept Simple Seal bushings, so the integrity of the roof is maintained.

SnowMax-Corrugated (Fence)

Also employing our patented Simple Seal compression-fit technology, the SnowMax-Corrugated accommodates increased bracket spacing (up to 48” on center). Mechanically through-fastened, SnowMax-Corrugated is fast and easy to install, making it a super cost-efficient solution.

With over 60 products in our line-up, we have snow management systems for all roof types, even solar!


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