Snow Guards For Custom Tile Applications

For over 20 years, Alpine SnowGuards has designed, engineered, and tested snow retention devices for many roof types. Throughout this time, hundreds of projects have required custom snow guards. Whether the reason is a unique roof type or the desire to achieve a specific look, Alpine has solutions for any snow retention needs.

One of the most commonly produced custom solutions has been for tile roof applications. After two decades of custom design and refinement, we now offer a stock solution for most Ludowici Roof Tiles. From their base shingle models, all the way to the 18” Spanish or French Tiles, Alpine has a solution for snow management problems. Read: “Custom Snow Guards? No Problem!” for project images of creative snow guards that Alpine has developed over the years.

We are pleased to support Ludowici as one of the most successful roof tile manufacturers in the world! Since 1888, architects, homeowners, and building designers have chosen Ludowici for their architectural terra cotta products. Not only are their products beautiful, but they also stand the test of time, making them a reliable choice when planning a stand-out roof for your home or business. Ludowici products are also environmentally friendly and do not contain the harsh chemicals employed by other roof tile solutions. Another thing that sets Ludowici apart is product differentiation. Having a variety of roof types, textures, colors, and finishes allows any building, from a private home to a large municipality, to choose what suits its design best.

In the beginning, custom fabricating snow guards for Ludowici tiles was an involved process of designing, building, and extensive testing. Today, this process has become well documented and tested, allowing for a faster fabrication upon purchase. What was once a design and build challenge, has now become second nature to our production team. Fabricating these unique tiles in our manufacturing facility has put us at the top of the list for homes and buildings in “snow country” with Ludowici roofing.

Fence-style snow guards are not the only solution we offer for Ludowici roofing tiles. We also manufacture several custom pad-style products that have undergone rigorous development and testing phases to find the best solution for the many tile configurations. The PD50 is one of the most successful custom pad-style snow guards we manufacture. With an 18” strap that engages with the roof deck, this pad can be custom bent to shape it to the Ludowici tile configurations desired. The PD50 can be configured for several Ludowici tiles, including, the challenging, French Interlocking Tile.

Here at Alpine, we love to design innovative products to make snow retention more versatile while producing the highest quality snow guards on the market. Whether you are looking for a robust set of fence-style snow guards or the lower profile, less intrusive pad-style guards, Alpine has a product that will keep snow in its place for you! In addition, having multiple snow guard designs for the same roof applications gives the customers various options to choose from at various price points and aesthetics.

To learn more about the difference in snow guard types and how they are engineered to perform, read the blog “Can a snow guard manufacturer guarantee that their snow retention device will retain all of the ice and snow on the rooftop?

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