SimpleGrip: An All New Low-Slope Solution

The crew here at EcoFasten Solar is very excited about the latest innovation in our line of solar roof mount solutions….SimpleGrip. The name says it all.


(Above: SimpleGrip, shown with our all new rail-free Rock-It System in compliance with UL Subject 2703)

SimpleGrip was engineered specifically for use on low-slope and flat roofing applications, and because the system is compatible with a variety of compression bracket options, installers will appreciate the flexibility of having a customized system for each and every low-slope or flat roofing project they work on.

SimpleGripAssembled SimpleGripExploded

The system is fast and simple to install, and utilizes the patented watertight compression technology EcoFasten is known for, while the lightweight, durable fabrication enhances wind uplift and seismic values without adding additional weight.

Check out this animation video that Matt, our superhero of an animator/CAD Designer created.


(Above: Matt)

SimpleGrip’s large base and multiple attachment points distribute compressive loads over standard insulation. Meeting or exceeding all known building codes, the system was aggressively tested in accordance with ICC-ES AC286 (rain testing) and ASTM D1761-06 (mechanical fasteners in wood).

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