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Alpine SnowGuards’ free snow guard calculator provides construction industry professionals, and soon solar industry partners too, with immediate snow guard recommended layouts and project pricing. Here’s what you need to know to utilize its services and conveniences.

The snow guard calculator is an innovative tool engineered specifically for architects, engineers, construction companies, developers, distributors and roofing contractors. (Our new solar snow management calculator will launch September 2022. Until then, for solar snow management quotes, please reach out to our customer service team directly at or 888-766-4273, Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.)

Since the calculator was introduced in 2015, thousands of national snow and ice management projects have received advanced project estimating. We also deliver expert guidance from our customer service and technical support team. Once an order is officially confirmed, shipping of most products occurs within 2 to 7 business days.

Alpine SnowGuards’ Snow Management Systems

We engineer, design and manufacture snow management systems for all roof types, new or retrofit. Alpine offers traditional pad-style, pipe-style and fence-style snow guards, and snow guards for solar panels.

Alpine SnowGuards’ Performance Research Facility

Our collection of snow guard performance data facilitates better solutions and layout suggestions.

Committed to Excellence & Improved Calculator Functionality

Our employee-owned company is committed to innovation. We endeavor to meet market and climate demands with sophisticated, thoroughly performance tested products. As such, Alpine’s snow guard calculator aims to provide correct information and pricing. Regular updates improve functionality.

A recent calculator update clarified bracket and base plate selector for composition shingle versus slate. The update ensured accurate pricing on systems that utilize a 6” x 12” base plate. Snow loads were also updated, with 3,500+ new or updated snow loads by zip code.

Better mobile responsiveness and enhanced search features will be rolled out January 2023.

Ease of use, any-time convenience and the ability to obtain per piece and linear foot pricing are immediate benefits of signing up. Sign up now and register your company information and project specifics.

Snow Guard Calculator Benefits

Once you sign up for our free snow guard calculator, you can utilize the services and conveniences it provides:

  • Free recommended snow guard layouts and project pricing
  • Product/system comparisons for budgeting and research
  • Ability to add “Ice Flags” to each of your project’s roof sections
  • Anytime access to stored past projects
  • Certified stamped snow guard layouts for an additional cost
  • Access to an all-product price list
  • Complete printable overview
  • Ability to place orders online
  • Material and finish options
  • Bill of Materials (BoM) with roof type summary

Project Information the Snow Guard Calculator Asks for

Knowing the details of a specific roof allows Alpine to recommend the proper number of tiers to minimize, reduce or eliminate the effects of an avalanching snow mass. Here is some information the calculator prompts you for:

  • Project name
  • Project zip code to calculate Ground Snow Loads
  • Roof pitch
  • Rafter and eave length
  • Roof type (natural or synthetic slate, natural or synthetic shake, metal standing seam, metal corrugated, membrane, tile, composition/asphalt shingle

Additional Required Info for Metal Standing Seam Roofs

In addition to the above, some specific information for metal standing seam roofs we ask includes: seam configuration, height and panel width.

Guidance for Homeowners

Alpine’s snow guard calculator is designed for construction industry professionals. For homeowners, we advise that it is best to hire a roofing professional to install snow retention products, as installation often requires a strong familiarity with roofing and construction techniques. If you would like to receive a recommended snow retention layout for your home or make a purchase, we are happy to work with the roofer installing the snow guards or recommend a distributor in your area.

Customer Service Team

Alpine SnowGuards’ customer service and technical support team provides expert guidance throughout the process. Please reach out with any questions you have:

For more information, please read our From Ridge to Eave Blog. We hope the collection of articles, performance-testing and installation videos will shed light on Alpine SnowGuards’ product innovations for architects, engineers, construction companies, developers, distributors, roofing contractors and solar installers.


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