Show, Don’t Tell: Your Installs with the EcoFasten Solar Brand

Our customers are truly the best. We recently asked many of you if you had any images of our products being installed, or images of completed projects that used our products.

Boy, did you ever DELIVER! We received SO many images, that we figured we just HAD to share them! We’ll be breaking them up over several blog posts as well as highlighting them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


So, keep an eye out! And if YOU have images to share, feel free to send them our way – we would be MORE than happy to share them, too!

Thank you to EVERYONE who was kind enough to take a few minutes out of their busy day to share some really spectacular images with us. The solar industry is quite an entity, and we are all so lucky to work within it.

Rock-It System

MiEnergy, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

When I first opened this image from MiEnergy, my jaw literally dropped. It’s hard to come by images not only this clear and crisp, but this beautiful as well. It’s like they knew exactly what sort of image we were looking for! Thank you all so much!RIS

The Rock-It System, our rail-free design, was engineered to be the fastest, easiest to level system in the industry, thanks to the top-down levelling, which gives the installer the freedom to level the array during OR after the install is complete. UL 2703 compliant, and Class A Fire Rated, the Rock-It System can be installed on new or retrofit roofs.


“S” Profile Tile Flashing System

REC Solar, San Luis Obispo, CA

REC Solar sent us this image of our Tile Flashing System, shown here in the “S” profile option. I was personally thrilled to receive this one because to date, we don’t have very many images of this system installed to speak of, and you really couldn’t asked for a better photo!


Backed by IAPMO, the system replaces one complete roof tile, so the need for cutting, drilling, grinding, and replacing of tiles is completely eliminated, saving you the hassle AND the additional time on the roof. As an added bonus, this system utilizes our patented, watertight technology – the embossed cone-shape stamped into the flashing and fitted with an EPDM rubber bushing creates a watertight seal when paired with an EcoFasten compression bracket.


GreenFasten™ – GF1

Second Generation Energy, Milford, MA

I think my favorite kind of photos are ones like this photo from Second Generation Energy (SGE). Something about capturing not only the array, but the building it adorns really makes it all come together.


All of our products are top-notch, and do exactly what we say they’ll do – provide you a rugged solar roof mount solution, while upholding the integrity of your roof. GreenFasten™ is our best-selling system; a solution that the top installers in the country rely on again and again for fast, easy, hassle-free installs on comp shingle roofs. It’s made right here in Vermont (in fact, I can hear the GreenFasten machine hard at work back in our manufacturing facility as I write this). If you’re looking for the fastest install in the industry, you found it.


Well, that’s all for this installment….I hope you enjoyed these photos! We think they’re stunning, and we’re so thankful to have them and to be able to share them with all of you! Remember (hint, hint), we’d love to see YOUR images!

Oh, one last thing before I forget: Don’t forget to VOTE for us in the Racking & Mounting Category of Solar Power’s World’s Leadership in Solar Energy 2016!! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE ☼



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