Shingle Roofs Need Snow Guards, Too!

It’s funny in the snow guard world. A huge focus goes to metal standing seam, membrane, slate, tile and even solar, while Comp Shingle is standing over there saying, “heyyyyy! What about me?

It strikes me as comical because shingle roofs need snow guards, too! 70% of single-family homes in the US are roofed in shingles! It makes sense, right? I mean, the market domination of shingle roofing is a very attractive option for homeowners since it’s affordable, is available in so many color and style options, and they do a great job protecting your home from the outdoor elements.

Outdoor elements – like snow, ice, freezing rain, sleet, hail, whatever – shingle roofs do their job willingly, and aesthetically.

When it comes to snow and ice, large sheets of snow and ice can cause an avalanche, even on shingle roofing. Snow guards are most often used on shingle roofing with steep pitches (6/12 and above), and in areas that have heavy snow loads.

Shingles already have built-in friction, which provides some relief for avalanching snow. That being said, snow guards should still be considered for roofs with steep pitches and/or in high snow load areas.

At Alpine SnowGuards, we know roofs. Decades of experience and an extremely talented team of engineers have led us to develop several options for shingle roofing. Take a look below at some of your options.


PD10 & PD10R

Our PD10 was the “Goose that Laid the Golden Egg”, as it was the first snow guard we developed and marketed. It all started with copper fabrication, and slowly, over the years, we added materials like Zinc, FreedomGray, Galvalume and lead-coated copper. You can also get the PD10’s and PD10R’s in Firestone Una-Clad colors.

The PD10R has the same qualities and durability as the PD10, in a retrofit configuration for existing roofs.

PD40 & PD40R

PD40 and PD40R (Retrofit) is the ideal size for most composition shingle applications, and, like all of our half-round pad-style snow guards, they feature our riveted “fish head” design for optimum strength and no risk of unfolding. Strap length is 6.5” long and the pad area is 2.375” L x 2.375” wide (at widest point) x 1.438” high.

The Retrofit version features a 2” strap sleeve to cover the fastener heads.

Alpine SnowPad (ALPINE SP-SHINGLE – new in 2018!)

We launched the Alpine SnowPad in 2018 to fill a void in the industry. What was needed was an aesthetically pleasing pad-style snow guard with a wider, taller profile, and a cup-shaped design to manage heavier snow loads on steep slope roofs. The innovative design is available in Cast Aluminum with Aluminum Strap or in super-rugged Fiber-Reinforced plastic with Aluminum Strap. Powder coating is also available, using RAL TIGER Drylac® Exterior Colors.


Pipe-style snow guards have traditionally been installed on commercial and industrial building. In recent years there has been an influx of residential clients looking for the aesthetics of a pipe-style snow guards, that also looks “pretty”. With all of the materials and powder coating options available to you, a pipe-style system may be just what you’re looking for!


SLICK. That’s the word that always comes to my mind when I see an install image of the PP125.

This system is available in 3 configurations: 2-pipe, 3-pipe, and 2 hi-hole pipe (all accept 1” OD pipe), and are compatible with the use of ice screens and ice flags. The bracket is Aluminum, the base plate is Stainless Steel, and the entire system can be powder-coated in a color to match the roofing material.


Not only is the system rugged by design, the PP225 was also engineered with 39° height adjustability, which gives the contractor installing the system not only an easy install, but a customizable solution, as well.

The base plate is manufactured in sizes ranging from 6” x 12” all the way up to 14” x 24”, and the bracket measures 6” L x 1.5” W x 8.8” H, when extended to most upright position. Both the base plate and brackets are available in Aluminum, Brass, or Stainless Steel.

Easy install – watch the video and see for yourself.


The PP325 is available in multiple configurations (2-pipe, 3-pipe, and 2 hi-hole pipe), the PP325 is available in Stainless Steel or Brass, with a base plate that’s available in a wide variety of sizes.


ALPINE SAFEGUARD (new in 2018!)

The Alpine SafeGuard series if snow management system is a fence-style system that’s offered at unbeatable pricing, due to pared down components that keep in line with the rugged fabrication you’ve come to expect from Alpine. Added to that is versatility.

Versatility? That’s right – Alpine SafeGuard was designed for use on most roof types! By utilizing a base plate and bracket, or a flashing/bracket combo that employ a proprietary compression sealing method, we are happy to offer the following options for shingle roofing:

Flashing w/ Compression Seal Option – ASG COMP SHINGLE-GF2

6×12 Base Plate Option – ASG COMP SHINGLE-612

There you have it – a breakdown of some of our most popular snow management solutions for shingle roofing.

If you have any questions, let us know – that’s what we’re here for!

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