Rock-It System Acquires Engineering Certification in 10 States

Our rail-free mounting solution, Rock-It System, officially launched in July at Intersolar. Fast forward a little over 3 months, and the system has received engineering certification in 10 states, from the Engineering firm PZSE, Inc. Structural Engineers.


It was determined by PZSE that all of the information, data, and analysis contained in the Rock-It System installation manual is based on, and is in compliance with, the structural requirements of the following Reference Documents:

The 10 states that received the certification are (from West to East):

  1. California
  2. Arizona
  3. New Mexico
  4. Utah
  5. New York
  6. Pennsylvania
  7. Connecticut
  8. Maryland
  9. Massachusetts
  10. New Jersey


If you haven’t already heard all about the Rock-It System, watch the animation – and check out these must-know details:

  • Listed to UL Subject 2703
  • Class “A” Fire Class Resistance Rated when used with Type 1, listed modules
  • Fastest, easiest to level system on the market
  • Top-down leveling allows you to level as you go OR after installation
  • Utilizes best-selling GreenFasten™ Flashing – watertight, simple, IAPMO certified, and cost-effective
  • Can be paired with our all new SimpleGrip for low-slope roofing applications
  • North-South adjustability
  • Integrated electrical bonding
  • Fixed wire management tray
  • Built-in array skirt
  • Only one tool required for any size or orientation array
  • Rock-in design means no reaching over modules to loosen / tighten mounts or couplings

Our Engineering Manager, Ryan Ward says, “rail- free mounting is revolutionizing PV Installations across the nation. We all know that installers are beholden to local permitting authorities, some of which have stringent requirements. 3rd Party design certification is an important permitting tool for our customers, and an important milestone for any engineered mounting system.”

Let us know if you have questions or if you’d like a sample of the Rock-It System, and discover the EcoFasten difference for yourself.

There’s a reason the top installers in the U.S. rely on us for no-hassle, cost-effective, quality solutions.



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