Removing Roof Snow: When is the Right Time?

We’ve seen some intense, out of the ordinary snow activity recently, as many of you can attest to. If wet heavy snow falls onto a roof that already has a marginal accumulation of snow and ice, it can cause snow guards to yield. Although this is obviously far more desirable than a roof collapse, it is also preventable if you and/or the building owner are proactive.

If there’s any chance you’ve installed snow guards on projects where snow may have accumulated beyond the given regional snowfall amounts, unusual amounts of ice have formed, or drifting has occurred, PLEASE make the building owner aware that they need to remove the snow and ice as a precautionary measure.


Alpine SnowGuards are designed to help keep snow and ice from avalanching off the roof all at once causing damage to structures, landscaping, vehicles, and people below. When more snow than expected accumulates on the roof, it should be removed, if it can be done so safely and without risk of injury, to avoid damage to the roof, the building structure and anything below.

It’s important to be aware of the health hazards of moving such heavy snow. Over exertion during snow removal can cause a range of health problems, including back injuries and heart attacks, so those who aren’t able to safely clear their roofs should call a contractor who has experience in roof snow removal.

Again, please consider the projects where you have installed snow guards. If those projects have an accumulated snow or ice mass it should be removed prior to any further accumulation.


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