Recommended Layouts? Heck Yeah, We Can Do That!

At Alpine SnowGuards our #1 priority is to ensure that our clients are taken care of, educated on what they need for a project, and that they walk away happy.

We’ve always had an online calculator to help determine the snow guard quantity and recommended layout for your projects. It worked for a while, but we wanted to make sure obtaining a recommended layout from us would be as easy as possible for YOU.

Here’s how it works:

Visit our Online Project Calculator and sign up.

You can use the calculator ANY TIME, day or night, without the need to wait for us to get back to you with a quote. You can compare multiple applicable snow management solutions, so you can see what makes the most sense for the roof, the project, the building owner, and the budget.

We know that being able to store and recall your projects is very important, so we’ve built in that functionality. That means you can access them at any time for reference, or to make changes as needed.

Adding you project information is a breeze

Once you enter the details of your project, you’ll receive a printable document that will include everything you need to know, broken out by roof section:


The calculator will generate a complete listing of parts needed for the specified project. This eliminates guesswork and provides you with an accurate scope of what you’ll need so you can keep the project moving along.

Price breakdown/ BOM (Bill of Materials)

The snow guards needed for the project will be listed out by roof section, in an easy to read chart that breaks out the price associated with each of the system components. If there is more than one roof section, you’ll notice a price breakdown for each section, along with a “TOTAL” chart on the bottom of your printout.

System information

This section focuses on the roof type, the components breakdown, materials, as well as the per-component price.

Once all of your information is entered, and you like what you see, give us a call (888.766.4273), or shoot us an email, and we’ll send you out an official quote so you can move forward with your project, armed with all the system, pricing, and roof section information you need to know.

Pretty easy, right?

We’ve created a quick tutorial to show you how just how easy it really is. Check it out and Sign up today!

Project Calculator Tutorial from Alpine SnowGuards on Vimeo.

We keep snow in its place

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