QuikFoot: Roof Mount Also Ideal for Coastal Locations

We all know that our coastlines get hammered with dramatically stronger winds than inland locations.  Inland wind tends to settle much lower, down near the ground, due to the drag from the land.  The further towards the coast you go, the less drag (land) is present, which sets an ideal stage for winds to greatly pick up in both intensity and in speed.  If you live or work along the coast (um….jealous!), you might find this real-time, interactive global wind map an interesting way to see what the winds currently look like in your area.


EcoFasten Solar® knows that composition shingle roofs in particular can take a beating when exposed to high wind speeds.  When you install a solar array on a shingle roof, you want to make sure your roof mounts are capable of handling a superior pullout value at each penetration point, so wind uplift isn’t an interfering factor.  You want a roof mount that will also maintain watertight properties, protect the integrity of your roof while adhering to roofing manufacturer’s warranties, and will also meet or exceed roofing industry best practices, as well as compliance with international, state and residential building codes.

coastal   Wind-Damaged-Roof-

Enter QuikFoota solar roof mount system that was designed specifically for use in areas that receive high winds, like our coastlines.  The QuikFoot system’s base plate, in conjunction with the two self-drilling fasteners, provides optimum pullout value (average of 2,312 lbs.), and a “Quik” install – so quick that it’s become known as one of the fastest attachment points in the industry.  The underside of the flashing is fit with our EPDM rubber bushing, and when paired with an EcoFasten compression bracket (milled with countersink), the system’s flashing creates a watertight seal.


We engineered QuikFoot for use on new or existing shingle (or slate) roofs, while allowing compatibility with a variety of bracket options, giving installers a customized solution to a common need.

Compatible Bracket Options:

(L to R:  P-3-CSKL-102-3SCL-101-3L-102-6Z-101CP-SQ-SlottedF-111-A )

p-3-csk_1_1946_generalL-102-3scl-101-3_1_1620_general l-102-6_1_773_general Z-101 CP-SQ-Slottedf-111-a_1_1743_general

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