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Recently, we asked if you might have any installation images using Alpine SnowGuards that you’d be willing to share with us.

“Ask and ye shall receive” could not be a truer statement. WOW, did you deliver!


Take a look at some of the photos – we couldn’t be happier with not only the response we received, but also with the amount of photos, and the quality of those images! Thank you to everyone who took the time to send them our way – we’re excited to continue sharing them!

The first image is from NRG Home Solar out of Long Island. The product is Solar SnowMax-R2.


Solar installers have been successfully using our solar snow management solutions when installing modules in snow country, and with good reason. Picture a solar panel (glass, so no friction) loaded with snow. Now picture any melting snow acting as a lubricant between the snow mass and the panel surface. The result is an extremely slick surface that’s also the perfect scenario for the snow mass to come barreling off your roof in the form of a snow avalanche, putting people, animals, expensive landscaping, cars, and anything else you may keep directly around the perimeter of your home or business, in harm’s way.

Solar SnowMax-R2 solves that problem by creating a fence at the eaves. In fact, it’s the tallest fence available. If your project needs additional rows of snow management upslope, our Solar SnowMax-Standard and Solar Snow Pad are both ideal options.

The grooved front accepts a color insert strip. If the panel frames are metallic silver, most people don’t use a color insert strip. If the panel frames are black, a black insert strip is used more often than not to give the system a unified look.

Nicely done, NRG Home Solar. Nicely done.

Next up is our ASG4025 standing-seam two-pipe system. A homeowner name Paul from right here in the Green Mountain state of Vermont installed these on his metal standing seam roof, and he did such a great job he wanted to share this photo with us to show how easy it was to install. Paul, you did a beautiful job! Thank you.


The ASG4025 is forged from a solid block of recycled aluminum, and measures a substantial 5 ¼” tall and 4” long. Because the system utilizes oval-point set screws to attach to the panel ribs, no penetrations are made to the roofing material, so there’s no need to worry about voiding roofing manufacturer’s warranties. You can also choose to have the system powder coated to match your roofing material, which, as you can see below, looks really great on a roof like the one on this bank (powder coating shown here on our ASG4000 system).

Pipe on metal3.jpg

I won’t lie. When Hayden Building Maintenance Corp. in West Nyack, NY sent us these images, I was pretty excited. The PP225 height-adjustable three-pipe system not only looks amazing on this slate roof, the project also incorporated our ice flags, which we don’t see images of as much as we’d like. Ice Flags hang from the pipe between the brackets to help keep ice and snow from sliding underneath, and are an add-on accessory that makes sense.

The height adjustability allows for customization for varying roof pitches, and the rugged design will maintain a substantial snow load.

Great work, Hayden, as always.


The PP225 (like many of our systems) also accommodates the use of ice screens, seen below.

#225 Pipe-style Snow Guard on Slate

Thanks again to everyone who sent photos – we received close to a hundred (!) so I’ll definitely make sure to include lots of those the next time a post like this is written.

Until then, remember….we won’t argue if you want to send us some of YOUR photos!

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