Project Photos: We Asked. Boy, Did You Deliver!

I think probably the coolest thing about my job here Alpine SnowGuards is the interaction and partnerships we have with our clients. I don’t mean that in a broad, general sort of way, I mean truly, real connections. Maybe it’s because I’m an extrovert. Maybe it’s because I love meeting new people. Maybe it’s because I’m the baby of 9 kids. Or maybe it’s just because I love interacting with people.

A few times a year I always try to send out an email asking our clients to send us photos of  projects involving our snow guards. I’ve been in Marketing here for 4 years and there’s nothing like seeing someone at a tradeshow and knowing not only their name, but their kids names too. That’s pretty cool.

So, last week I emailed a bunch of you guys, and do you know what you did?

You delivered, big time! Wow.

I’m still stunned at the amount of photos you sent. The volume was great….but the photos themselves? Well, those were terrific.

Might as well put this in here in case you don’t read to the end (I won’t take it personally): if you have hi-res images of projects using our snow guards, I….the whole team actually, would be grateful to have them sent our way.

Ok, back to it.

This time, the photos that were sent all had one thing in common: They were all accompanied by hello’s, how are things?, and kind words for the Alpine team and our innovative solutions.

Thank you!

One of the photos we received is below, from Roof & Building Service International, with locations north of the border in Ottawa, Kingston and Toronto, Ontario. We were psyched to see this photos of our PP315 two-pipe system in brass, installed on this gorgeous copper standing seam roof.

Nice work, right? The snow guards complement the roof while doing the job they were engineered to do. It also doesn’t hurt that this church (St. Mary’s) is gorgeous to begin with.

The “claim to fame” of our PP315’s is the narrow, 2” wide footprint. This system was actually designed specifically for use on wood battens, as shown above. This system is also often specified and installed on projects that require a system that will fit where a larger system would not – places like between minor ribs, on window frames, skylights, etc….The PP315 is also available in aluminum or brass and in 3 configurations: two-pipe, there-pipe, and two hi-pipe (hi-hole).

PP315 with base plate, shown above, in mill finish

The photo caught my eye mostly because it highlights the exact traits we want everyone to be aware of about our snow management systems: They’re rugged. They’re attractive. They’re functional. They’ve versatile. And they’re available in a wide variety of styles (pad, pipe, fence, and even for solar panels), configurations and color options. With over 60 styles, we’ve got you covered.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post, and stay tuned for future blogs showcasing project installation images. And remember, we LOVE receiving photos from our client. If you have 1 or 20 to share, feel free to send them my way. We’ll tag/mention your company when we use the image(s) and will link directly to your company’s website too! Win/Win!

One last thing: Will you be at Western Roofing Expo in Las Vegas June 11-13? We’ll be at booth #550, so if you’ll be there too, stop by, say hi, and see what’s NEW! You can even tell them Jolene sent you!

If you haven’t registered yet, you have plenty of time – here’s a link for a free expo pass to sweeten the pot. We can’t wait to see you!


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