PP115 Snow Guard Featured on This Old House & Other Notable Projects

We would like to thank This Old House producers for the much-needed discussion about the importance of snow guards. Tommy and Kevin of This Old House installed our PP115 system quickly and easily on a Brookline, MA residential project last weekend.

“This Old House” Segment Features PP115

“This Old House” PBS segment features Alpine SnowGuards’ PP115. Watch the segment in its entirely or forward to 16:54 to see installation of our pipe-style snow guard.

It’s my understanding This Old House does not mention product manufacturers on air to keep the show as non-advertorial as possible, I wanted to make sure the product being installed was in fact Alpine SnowGuards PP115 pipe-style snow guard.

PP115 Pipe Style Details

The five-minutes of TV fame resulted in a number of calls and emails to Alpine SnowGuards in Vermont. Given this wonderful opportunity, I’d like to share some additional information about the PP115 pipe-style snow guard system.

  1. The installation shown on This Old House is the standard installation, on an EPDM membrane roof.
  2. The PP115 system is also available for TPO, PVC, and lock-seam soldered copper roofs. The key is to use the appropriate flashing material for the given roof type.
  3. Alpine has the ability to pre-cut, as an accessory, the membrane or the metal flashing complete with holes to accommodate the base plate studs. Many customers choose to field-fabricate these flashings in order to save money, but having installed many of these myself, I can assure you that the labor saved using the prefabricated flashing patches far outweighs the material cost.
  4. The PP115 system will also work on stamped metal shingles, synthetic shingles, composition (asphalt) shingles, and cedar shingles. Again, the key is to use the proper size and type of flashing.
  5. Variations of pipe brackets are available for different aesthetics. These include additional pipe options, adjustable brackets and various profiles of pipe, all with powder coating options to match the color of the roofing material.

PP115 Installed on Notable Projects

You’ll find the PP115 system, which we’ve been manufacturing for two decades now, on such projects as the Philadelphia International Airport, Westover Air Reserve Base, the Edward Jones Arena/America’s Center, Yankee Stadium, TD Garden and countless school roofs across the country. As an aside, this system has also become a very popular option for managing rooftop snow on residential construction projects.

In the summer of 2018, the volume of manufacturing of the PP115 system had been at such great demand, that we increased capacity through equipment processing techniques and have automated our manufacturing to the best degree possible. This is in great thanks to new equipment and a streamlined approach to production.

The PP115 system is versatile, attractive, rugged and cost effective. If we can help you solve a sliding ice and snow issue on your project, let us know. We’re always happy to help. Feel free to add your questions to the comments section, or email me directly  if you have a question.

Until next time,

Brian Stearns

President & Founder, Alpine SnowGuards 

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