One Word: Thankful

There are so, so many things to be thankful for as we roll into another Holiday season. I don’t know about all of you, but in my personal life, the things I’m most thankful for read like you think they would: my health, the health of my family, good friends, the crispness in the air, the frost glittering on the grass when I walk the dogs in the morning, and so many more things that it would take you all day to read, and honestly, you’d probably get bored.

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On the business side of things, I’ve never been more thankful for everyone who’s sent us installation images this year. We LOVE sharing these images! Both EcoFasten Solar and Alpine SnowGuards have enjoyed a very successful 2015 so far, and in the midst of the busyness that makes our days fly by in what literally seems like the blink of an eye, we’ve taken the time to sit back, take a good look at the images that’ve been flowing in, and I’ve gotta tell you….we’re loving the fact that while we’re having a great year, SO many of you are, too! Yay! something else to be thankful for!

At EcoFasten, we’ve had what some might call a “let me catch my breath” sort of year (in a good….no, great way). With the launch of our rail-free Rock-It System at Intersolar, we saw our days flitter by faster than ever. Then came SPI and the launch of SimpleGrip, our newest solution for mounting on low-slope roofing applications, and we ramped up even more. At the same time, we saw an influx of images being emailed to us from many of the stellar companies we do business with. Want to take a look at a few?

Here’s our GreenFasten flashing installed on a beautiful composition shingle roofPhoto from Andrew Sorowka, Solar Consultant.


The Simple Seal System is just one of our many solutions for mounting PV arrays on metal roofs. Looks gorgeous in this image sent to us by Lenape Solar in Sunbury, PA (no comment on the snow guards ; )


The Shrewsbury Mountain School in Vermont was featured in SolarPro Magazine this past summer. The project, completed by Same Sun of Vermont, was an intricate one due to the fact that the heavy snow loads commonly seen in this area actually deformed some of the ribs on the standing seam roof. Our ASG-U clamps were used to attach the panels without penetrating the roofing material, and to go along with the design, which kept the panels out of any valleys.


In 2014, we launched our Conduit Mount solutions for comp shingle, metal, and tile roofing applications. Over the summer we received the above image from Sunrun, showing the Conduit Mount Tile System running North-South, and keeping that conduit elevated, and off the roof. The bracket can also be run East-West and will accommodate all tile profiles.


On the snow management side at Alpine SnowGuards, we too saw a super busy, fast-paced, and sometimes hectic year. All good problems to have! As we made our way into 3rd quarter, things started to heat up as everyone in snow country geared up….“it” was almost here. Snow. While we currently have zero snow accumulated here in Morrisville, Vermont, it did snow this morning, and we know it’ll be here to hang around for a while any day now.

Solar SnowMax has been our go-to snow management system until recently when we started manufacturing Solar SnowMax-R2 (and our Solar Snow Pad). The R2 is the largest fence-style snow guard on the market, and will help prevent what Ryan, our Engineering Manager, refers to as a Solavalanche. The Solar SnowMax-R2 is attached to the eave edge of the array, while Solar SnowMax-Standard is used upslope for additional rows of snow management. A grooved insert on the front accepts a 2” black insert strip. Thanks to the New York City branch of NRG Home Solar for sending this photo along.

How does it work? Check out this install animation by Matt, who I not-so-secretly refer to as our animation superhero.


Recognize this building? It’s “The Main Building” at the University of Notre Dame….and that’s our PP125 three-pipe snow guard system on the roof (also available in two-pipe options), complete with powder coating and ice screen. Thanks so much to UND and ConSpecT Registered Roof Consultants for giving us permission to use this photo. Looks great!

125 5.0.2

Holland Roofing in Florence, KY sent us this nice image of our SnowMax fence-style snow management system for standing seam metal roofs. They chose to utilize the grooved front to install a color insert strip, which matches the roofing material exactly. Looks slick, guys, thanks! (SnowMax is also available in configurations for corrugated metal and membrane roofing applications).


And last, but never least, the guys from WJ Kelley sent us this beautiful photo of our PD30 pad-style snow guards. Matching the roof using the Una-Clad color chart really gives this roof an attractive look, while remaining functional and rugged.

30 302

Thanks again to everyone who’s been sending us photos throughout the year – we appreciate it more than you know. We have lots more to share, and will include some in our next installment(s) of installation images. In the meantime, if you have any hi-res images you’d like to share, feel free to send them our way! If we use them, we’ll make sure to give proper photo credits and link to your company.

Here’s hoping you have a perfect Thanksgiving; that you eat just enough without being too stuffed, enjoy some week 12 NFL, kick your feet up, maybe catch a nap (or two), and most importantly, make some memories with your family and friends, and remember to be present, and to be thankful for all that you have.

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