No-Hassle Attachment to Metal Standing Seam Roofing

When it comes to mounting and attaching utilities to metal double-lock or single-lock standing seam roofing, Alpine SnowGuards has you covered with our ASGU2 clamps.

For unsurpassed strength, our ASGU2 Utility clamps are fabricated from 6000 series aluminum,  an alloy that contain both silicon and magnesium which forms magnesium silicide – this formation makes the aluminium alloy heat-treatable and extremely durable.

The ASGU2 clamps utilize clamp-to-seam technology for mechanical attachment with the 2 included oval-point set screws. Why do the set screws we use with our clamp-to-seam systems utilize “oval” points? This design feature ensures a secure attachment point that, without penetrating the roofing material, will also not void roofing manufacturer’s warranties (you can read more about the importance of using proper set screws here).

So, when it comes to securing ancillary attachments on metal standing seam roofing, our ASGU2 clamps are an not only an ideal attachment point for our snow guard line, but also for almost any utility application, including: signs, lighting, antennas, banners, HVAC equipment, flue bracing, electrical conduit, cabling, you name it.

CKI, Inc., out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, recently sent us these images of building signage attached to the roofing with the help of our ASGU2 clamps – CKI refers to these as “tiebacks”.

The Petoskey, MI Athletic Complex, known as Northmen Stadium, is a high school level facility, and students, faculty, coaching staff, teams, and even opposing teams, are very excited for the chance to play at the newly revamped collegiate-esque stadium.

Over 90 years ago, when the original complex (Curtis Field) was in commission, the concrete structure could seat 1,500 fans (which was a LOT for a high school field built during the depression-era). Today? Almost double, at 2,950 seats. They’ve also added a mezzanine area that overlooks the tunnel where the Northmen make their entrance onto the field, increasing the vantage point for spectators.

Speaking of spectators, one of the big draws of the new complex is one that I, as a woman (and as a Mother), fully appreciate. The bathrooms.

Why? Well, prior to the renovation project, the women’s bathroom only had two stalls. Two. For a crowd of 1,500. Two stalls just wasn’t cutting it, and the increase to 15 stalls for women and 15 stalls for men should be a lot more comfortable, and make for a lot quicker trips to the bathroom, than in years past.

If I ever find myself at a Petoskey game, I will definitely take note of the huge “RESTROOM” sign, and will smile secretly to myself knowing that not only are there plenty of stalls in there, but also that the sign above me is held in place by clamps designed and manufactured by us, Alpine SnowGuards.

If you’d like to learn more about ASGU2 clamps, you can visit the product page on our website. Here you can also view our AutoDesk® Revit® BIM objects!

Additionally, feel free to browse all of our standing seam (clamp-to-seam) rooftop snow guards – with over 60 systems in our product lineup, as well as many custom design projects always in the hopper.

Whether you’re an OEM or an end user, we can work with you to ensure your application is rugged, secure, functional, aesthetically pleasing, and cost-efficient.

If you have any questions, just let us know – that’s what we’re here for! If a sample would be helpful, we’ll send one out, no problem.

We manufacture snow management systems for ALL roof types, new or retrofit, offering traditional pad-style, pipe-style and fence-style snow guards, as well as snow management systems designed specifically for use on solar arrays!


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