Last week Alpine SnowGuards and EcoFasten Solar co-exhibited at Metalcon in Tampa, and it was so great to see so many familiar faces and many new ones alike!


The more roofing industry shows we attend, the more solar interactions we find ourselves having, and Metalcon was no different. It makes sense! Roof-mounted solar is part of the roof, and roofing contractors and solar installers have so much in common.

Awhile back I wrote a post entitled “A Marriage Of Sun and Snow”, which tells the story of how Alpine and EcoFasten became “joined at the hip” (pardon the pun), as Sister companies. If you stopped by our booth (thank you!), you saw many of our snow management and solar roof mount solutions, and you discovered that we design and engineer all of our products with the contractor/installer in mind.

In case you missed it at the show, we had 2 new Alpine animations playing on the flat-screens in our booth. SnowMax for standing seam roofing, and our PP145 system, for corrugated metal roofing. Before checking out the animations, here’s a little rundown on the benefits of each system – you’ll quickly see how the connection between Alpine and EcoFasten is not only an obvious one, but a natural one, as well.

SnowMax – Standing Seam

300 dpi

SnowMax is our fence-style snow management system that allows snow and ice to slowly melt and shed from your roof instead of barreling off all at once in the form of a roof avalanche.

Fabricated from aircraft-grade aluminum, SnowMax is the strongest snow management system on the market, and is also extremely cost-effective because now you can increase your bracket spacing up to 48” on center! Fast, easy, and straightforward.

Configurations are available for standing seam, corrugated, and membrane roofing, and all 3 models accept a color insert strip, giving you the option of matching the color of your roofing material. We’ve even developed a solar snow management solution – Solar SnowMax! It’s been a wicked big hit and we’re happy to offer another solution that bridges the gap between roofing and solar.

Click below to watch the SnowMax animation! Check it out and feel free to leave a comment, especially if you’ve used SnowMax before!


PP145 Two-or-Three-Pipe Snow Guard


Our PP145 system utilizes the same patented, watertight compression technology as the line of solar roof mounts manufactured by EcoFasten Solar, a solution so simple, we call it Simple Seal. Simple Seal is an EPDM rubber bushing specifically designed to fit inside the milled counter-sinks on the underside of the PP145 bracket, as well as on the underside of EcoFasten’s line of compression bracket options.

Our PP145 system measures a big 6” L x 4” W at the base, and is available in three configurations: 2-Pipe, 3-Pipe, and 2 Hi-Pipe. All three options accept 1” OD pipe and are compatible with accessories like ice flags. The brackets attach directly to the roof deck.

Want to match your roof? No problem – just choose from the many powder coating options from TIGER Drylac® exterior colors.

We hope the animation below does what we intended for it to do – show you just how easy to install and how effective it really is!


Looking for solar roof mount and snow management solutions? You’ve found the industry leaders – Alpine SnowGuards and EcoFasten Solar. Our extensive line of products do what we say they’ll do. They’re rugged, simple, cost-effective, secure, functional, attractive, versatile, and were designed with you in mind – the roofing contractor, the solar PV installer.

Enjoy a warm, memorable autumn, and let us know if you have questions or want more information on any of our products – that’s what we’re here for!







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