Is Snow Avalanching Off Your Solar Panels?

                     Does Your Solar Array Need a Snow and Ice Management System?

 Snow on solar

Are you the proud owner of a solar array in a geographical area that does not normally experience winter conditions that include snow and ice, but recently got slammed by old man winter?  Or do you live in an area where you expect winter conditions that include snow and ice?

No matter where you live, and whether you have a new or existing solar array, or are considering installing one in the future, you should be aware that a situation may evolve in the form of an avalanche as accumulated snow or ice rest on the surface of your solar array.

Why is this, you ask?  We’ll tell you:  If your roof surface is hard and smooth, in the case of solar arrays (glass), the melting run-off acts as a lubricant between the panel surface and the accumulated mass above.  As this happens, the panel surface becomes frictionless and slick, and the entire accumulated mass will release and come barreling off like an avalanche.

When this happens, gutters are sometimes ripped off, shrubs can be destroyed, cars and other items in yards and driveways can be damaged, but most importantly it can become a hazard to the people who live, work, or play in the surrounding area.

Alpine SnowGuards®, the world leader in roof-top snow management devices, has developed and patented a new snow guard system designed specifically for roof-top and carport solar arrays. This new system, Solar SnowMax functions as a snow management system by clamping directly to your solar panel frame resulting in a low profile designed to minimize shading on your solar panels.



Alpine SnowGuards® has studied this shading effect based upon geographic latitude, roof pitch, and the height of the Solar SnowMax system.  The final design height is in fact dictated by these factors in an attempt to minimize and avoid shading.

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We look forward to hearing from you, and mostly, we look forward to solving a big problem by helping you avoid those roof avalanche blues.