Installations Taking Far Too Long? Discover the EcoFasten Difference.

When solar installers are in search of solar attachment points, they are looking for options that will ensure a quick install, an easy install, and a design that is not only straightforward, but will also eliminate any guess-work, or worse, rework.  Pretty much the same goes for Distributors – with the goal being to find those go-to products that will constantly need replenishing on their shelves and will be top-of-mind when searching for solar roof mounts and components.

Solar arrays being installed on any roof require products that will protect the integrity of the roof, while also maintaining watertight properties to meet roofing industry best practices, as well as compliance with International, State, and Residential building codes.

Whatever the roof type, the team at EcoFasten Solar® has developed a solution.  We have developed time-tested, proven systems that those in the industry are talking about, and are asking for time and time again.  Due to the diligence and knowledge-base of our exceptionally talented design, engineering and manufacturing teams, your next install will be as speedy and frustration-free as possible.

GreenFasten™ – GF1

GreenFasten™ Flashing with SCL-101-3 Compression Bracket

Utilizing our patented watertight technology, and backed by IAPMO Certification, the GreenFasten™- GF1 solar roof mount system is compatible with a variety of bracket options and is available in multiple configurations for all new or existing (retrofit) composition shingle roofs.

Compatible Bracket Options (L-R): L-102-3, L-102-6, SCL-101-3, Z-101, CP-SQ-Slotted Adaptor Plate, F-111-A

The technology behind EcoFasten products has been used in the rooftop snow retention industry through since the mid 1990’s and has been proven to withstand the most rugged environments as a watertight, versatile, simple, and secure design.

Here’s how it works:

GreenFasten™ – GF1 delivers 3 levels of watertight protection:

Level 1: The EPDM bonded washer creates a watertight seal above the L-foot compression bracket.

Level 2:  The EPDM bushing creates a watertight seal between the compression bracket and the flashing.

Level 3:  The EPDM bushing creates a watertight seal between the flashing and the roof deck.


Here it is being installed on a 45° pitched roof.  This installation company, Earth Wind & Solar Energy out of Chicago said the GreenFasten™ flashing they used is their preferred choice due to the ease of use and the fact that they know this flashing system will not leak.

Earth Wind and Solar

Earth Wind and Solar2

Here’s another example of GreenFasten™ installed, from Nicholas Ponzio at Building Energy in Williston, Vermont.

Nicholas Ponzio_Building Energy_Williston, VT

Because GreenFasten™ – GF1 requires only a single fastener – a lag bolt or self-drilling, installation on a composition shingle roof is a breeze.  Extensively tested for pullout and shear and accepted by major roofing materials manufacturers without voiding warranties, GreenFasten™ – GF1 has become the sought-after solar roof mount solution.

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