Installation Photos: A Solution for Every Roof Type

Solar.  We all know it’s a big deal.  Installations are at an all-time record high, with 140,000 new installs in 2013, and almost 6.6 GW forecasted to come online through 2014.  Q1 of 2014 saw a 79% increase in installed solar PV over the same period in 2013.  The future looks bright, my friends.


With so many roof types out there, we’ve developed a solution for each.  Our patented, watertight compression technology will maintain the integrity of your roof without voiding roofing manufacturer’s warranties.  This same technology has been used in the roof-top mounted snow retention industry since the mid 1990’s and has been proven to withstand even the most rugged conditions.

Because every roof type requires a unique solar mounting solution, we’ve covered all the bases….

Roof Types2

Composition Shingle

Shingles are the most common roofing material in the U.S. (75% of homes have shingle roofs), and with good reason:  They’re inexpensive, look great, are easy to install, are available in pretty much any color, and shingle roofs have a fairly decent lifespan (average of about 20-30 years).

GreenFasten™ GF1 is our most sought-after solar roof mount and is seen in these photos from one of Hawaii’s top dozen solar contractors, Maui Solar Project out of Kahului.

With one fastener point, GreenFasten is the fastest, easiest system to install in the industry.  Backed by IAPMO certification, GreenFasten meets or exceeds all known building codes.

Maui Solar    Maui2

Some of our other options for shingle roofs are the QuikFoot System (which I wrote about recently), our GreenFasten™ GF2 as well as our Conduit Mount Bracket to manage and raise array wiring up and off the roof surface.


Offered in many profiles, tile roofing falls at the high end cost of roofing materials, but tiles typically last 60 – 75 years, so the investment is a smart one in terms of ROI.  Because tile roofs reflect upwards of 50% of the solar energy produced by the sun, they are also a great “cool roof” option.

In June we launched our Tile Flashing System, designed specifically for mounting solar panels to tile roofs.  The system is available in 3 profiles (Flat, “S” and “W”). What this means is that you can finally say, “see ya” to cutting, drilling, grinding and replacing of tiles thanks to these innovative flashings.  The system installs with as little as 2 lag bolts, making it extremely fast and hassle-free. Honestly….who doesn’t want to save time?

Collage_Tile Systems


We also offer a Conduit Mount System for tile roofing.

Corrugated Metal

A truly renewable alternative to roofing, corrugated metal can be recycled and also offers wonderful solar reflectivity properties.  Generally speaking, lifespan is more than 50 years and the cost is not too hard to swallow.

Our newest solution for corrugated metal roofs is the universal CorruSlide, which was very well-received at its full launch at Intersolar 2014.  See it in action in this video.  By attaching to the sides of the panel ribs, as opposed to in the valleys, where water flows and moisture accumulates, as well as North-South AND East-West adjustability, our CorruSlide system is the only corrugated metal roof mount like it on the market.  We figured, why do it the complicated way, when there’s a simpler, more ideal solution?


Our Sim-Support Bracket (below) has been commonly used on corrugated metal roofing (seen here on a project completed by Lenape Solar out of Sunbury, PA).

Sim    Lenape

Simple Seal System and the Conduit Mount Bracket for corrugated metal roofs are also available options.

Metal Standing Seam

Metal Standing Seam roofing is extremely durable and can last 50 years or more.  Available in a wide variety of colors, and giving your roof a sleek, modern look, metal standing seam roofs are virtually maintenance free, and like corrugated metal roofs, they won’t end up in the landfill.

Our solution for metal standing seam roofs is our ASG-U Clamps, which are manufactured by our Sister Company Alpine SnowGuards, and have become a go-to for solar installers working on standing seam projects.  Available for both double lock and single lock panels, the ASG-U Clamps are an ideal way to attach just about anything to a standing seam roof.


Thanks to Peck Solar in South Burlington, VT for sending us these images of the ASG-U Clamps in action.

Peck     Peck2


The Low-Slope family of our solar roof mounts consists of solutions for membrane roofing, hot tar, and BUR (built up roofing).

There are 3 main fabrications of membrane roofing: modified bitumen (asphalt), synthetic rubber (EPDM, which is durable and is engineered to resist damage from sunlight), and thermoplastic (PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or similar).

Traditional gravel and hot tar roofs are “built up” using 3 or more layers (plies) of waterproofing material, alternating with hot tar and supported by a layer of smooth stones.

Eco-44 is our most popular low-slope solar roof mount solution and can be paired with different stand off and attachment bracket options, giving you a completely customizable system.  Used by countless ballasted solar racking system manufacturers, the Eco-44 can be used on new or retrofit roofs.

eco44_1_1399_detail assembled  eco44_2_771_detail

Our Eco-44R and Eco-65 are also viable solutions for low-slope applications.

SIPs Panels

Structural Insulated Panels, manufactured with a core of Styrofoam sandwiched between 2 structural skins, are also available for wall and floor systems. SIPs panels are an extremely strong, durable and energy efficient roofing option.

Our Eco-44R-NDD System was designed specifically for use on SIPs panels and can be used with a variety of compression bracket options.  The large base plate and multiple fastener points distribute compressive loads and the durable construction enhances wind uplift and seismic values without adding any additional weight.

eco44r-ndd_1_302_general  eco44r-ndd_2_569_detail


You can also check out our other solution for SIPs panels, the Eco-65.


Slate has such a distinct appearance, and is virtually indestructible, with a life that easily spans a century, providing you with a great sustainable (and attractive) roofing option.

QuikFoot was designed for use on slate roofing (as well as on composition shingle roofs), and provides optimum pullout values (great for high-wind and coastal locations), and a super “Quik” installation. QuikFoot can be used with a variety of compression bracket options, making it compatible with many leading manufacturer’s racking options.

qf_1_2339_detail assembledQF NEW

Since our Sister Company, Alpine SnowGuards, is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of snow management systems, we also offer a solution for managing snow on solar panels – Solar SnowMax.  Used by many installers in areas of the country receiving annual accumulated snowfall, Solar SnowMax clamps directly to the solar panel frame, has an extremely low profile, and is the strongest system on the market.


Need a solution for a roof type we haven’t covered here?  Email us!  We’re always happy to engineer custom pieces.

There’s a reason the top 3 installers in the country rely on our products, and we hope anyone who’s reading this that hasn’t tried them will request a free sample so you can see firsthand what the EcoFasten difference is all about.

We’ll be at SPI booth #2351, so stop by, say hi, see our extensive product line in person, and while you’re there, see what’s NEW!


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