Installation Images: Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Ahhhh. Summer. It’s finally here! We got our first snowfall in October last year, so this has been a long time coming, and, for this lady anyway, it’s a very welcome change. It’s in the late Spring or early Summer that I send one of our, “Do you have install images to share?” emails.

You know what they say: Ask and ye shall receive.

Let me back up a minute. I really should start by saying you guys are top-notch. Alpine SnowGuardsclients are the best in the world, and we hope you know that we know that (if you didn’t, you do now).

This time around I received installation images galore! I won’t show you all of them today (we’ll save some for future posts), but I will show you a handful of images that are totally worth sharing.

If your projects typically include metal standing seam roofing, especially in snow country, chances are you’ve heard of, or seen, our ASG4025 Two-Pipe system.

Here it is installed – the below image was sent to us by Souza’s Slate in Saratoga Springs, NY. It was only a few months ago, in March, when Upstate New York got hammered with over 30” of snow (this week, they’re facing an official heatwave, as are we up here in Vermont. What a difference 3 months makes!)

Forged from a single block of recycled aluminum, and measuring a tall 5.25”, the rugged ASG4025 utilizes three oval-point set screws, and if not ordered in mill finish, can be powder coated with a TIGER Drylac® RAL exterior color that will match the roofing material perfectly (see photo below).

The two-pipe configuration accepts 1” OD pipe and is compatible with the use of Ice Flags and Ice Screens. A centered flag position gives the system balanced aesthetics by avoiding left or right flag positioning. Speaking of flags, the flag thickness on the ASG4025 is ¼”, which, to reduce twisting, is DOUBLE the standard thickness.

Another  option in our clamp-to-seam lineup is our ASGU2 clamp, shown used as an attachment point for signage at Petoskey Stadium in Grand Rapids, MI. This image was provided by CKI, Inc. out of Grand Rapids.

For unsurpassed strength, our ASGU2 Utility clamps are fabricated from 6000 series aluminum while employing clamp-to-seam technology (we’ll get into that a little more in a bit) for mechanical attachment with the 2 included oval-point set screws. Why do the set screws we use with our clamp-to-seam systems utilize “oval” points? This design feature ensures a secure attachment point that, without penetrating the roofing material, will also not void roofing manufacturer’s warranties.

So, when it comes to securing ancillary attachments on metal standing seam roofing, our ASGU2 clamps are an not only an ideal attachment point for our snow guard line, but also for almost any utility application, including: signs, lighting, antennas, banners, HVAC equipment, flue bracing, electrical conduit, cabling, you name it.

Pad-Style snow guards are traditional, classic, and can be found in so many variations.

Northern Roof Tiles in Wilmington, DE chose our PD41 pad-style snow guards for this roof on a private residence on Long Island. The snow guards were ordered in a Firestone® Una-Clad color chosen specifically to match the roof tiles.

The PD41 is ideal for new or existing flat or Spanish tile. Our rivited “fish head” design delivers optimum strength without the risk of unfolding, while the strap and hook length can be customized to fit the needs of the project. The PD41 provides a smart solution for the typical short overlap of tile installations.

Gorgeous work, Northern Roof Tiles (and I have to say, your website is gorgeous, also!)When it comes to aerial photography, this is one of my favorites. Not because our snow guards are installed on the roof (although that does have a certain appeal), but because of the wide open field of green grass. In my opinion, the trees in the background lend to the greatness of this image, and in contrast, a stark white membrane roof with our PP115 system installed certainly stands out.

The Syracuse, NY branch of Erie Materials sent us the image – thank you, Erie!

The PP115 system was designed specifically to be installed on metal decking or wood blocking. A compression seal is formed when flashed with a compatible target patch, by bolting the patch between the stainless steel base plate and the extruded aluminum bracket (base plate is 6” x 8” / bracket measures 4” x 6”).

The innovative system is available in 3 different configuration options to suit your project’s needs: 2-pipe, 3-pipe, and 2 hi-pipe, all accepting 1” OD Pipe for a rugged and attractive snow management solution.

The 2-pipe, 3-pipe, and 2 hi-pipe are all compatible with ice flags, and accessories are available including internal couplings, end collars, and end caps.

The system comes in mill finish (as shown in video), or in a HUGE variety of eye pleasing TIGER Drylac® ral powder coating colors to match the roofing material.

Do you have hi-res installation images to share? Send them our way, and we’ll include them in our blog, on social media, and possibly in our Online Gallery.

If you have any questions, just let us know – that’s what we’re here for! If a sample would be helpful, we’ll send one out, no problem.

We manufacture snow management systems for ALL roof types, new or retrofit, offering traditional pad-style, pipe-style and fence-style snow guards, as well as snow management systems designed specifically for use on solar arrays!


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