Installation Animation Compilation (Say THAT 3 Times Fast!)

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I also hope you all remembered to set your scales back 10 pounds….

You may already be aware that we’ve developed install animations for some of our snow management systems. I thought it would be a great idea to put all of the animations together, in one easy to view, easy to recall post, so you could find the product you’re looking for, or view the products you may not be aware of.

Remember, we have solutions for ALL roof types, even solar. We are also your source for custom snow guards, priding ourselves on precision-engineering and fast turnaround times.

So, without further ado, let’s dive right into the Installation Animation Compilation!

First up, our extremely popular PP115 Two-or-Three Pipe system for membrane roofing (EPDM, TPO & PVC). The extruded aluminum fabrication with Stainless Steel base plate offers up a solid system that was designed to install directly to wood blocking or metal decking. This system has been in service for over 20 years with no failures noted to date! In fact, take a look at this story on the PP115 or go to our product page to learn more.

Looking for a straightforward snow management system for slate roofing?  Take a look at our PP225 Three-Pipe Height Adjustable system, a rugged, versatile and attractive solution.

Not only is the system rugged by design, the PP225 was also engineered with 39° height adjustability, which gives the contractor installing the system not only an easy install, but a customizable solution that will accommodate varying roof pitches, as well.

The base plate is manufactured in sizes ranging from 6” x 12” all the way up to 14” x 24”, and the bracket measures 6” L x 1.5” W x 8.8” H, when extended to the most upright position.

Clamp-to-Seam designs for snow management, like our fence-style SnowMax, clamp to the seam on your standing seam metal roof, utilizing our SnowMax-U2 blocks with oval-point set screws. The set screws will provide a secure attachment point without penetrating the rooting material, and will not void rooting manufacturer’s warranties.

There is a groove along the front on the fence which accepts a color insert strip to match the roofing material, and the increased bracket spacing (up to 48” on center!) means you can save time, materials AND money on your next standing seam project!

Learn more on the SnowMax product page.

When it comes to corrugated metal roofing, we have many available options, including our all new for 2018 Alpine SafeGuard and Alpine SnowPad. One of our go-to solutions when it comes to a pipe-style system for corrugated metal roofing is our PP145 two-or-three pipe snow guard.

One of our greatest innovations over the past 25 years has been Simple Seal. A solution so simple, yet a concept so grand, that it’s specified and utilized time and time again when installing snow management systems on metal roofs.

So, what exactly is Simple Seal? It’s is a cone shaped EPDM rubber bushing that was designed specifically to fit into the milled countersinks on the underside of our PP145 brackets. When the system is fastened to the roof, a proprietary watertight compression seal is formed, which, like all of the products in our line, will maintain the integrity of the roof without voiding roofing manufacturer’s warranties.

When it comes to managing snow on solar, Alpine SnowGuards knows that when you have a hard, smooth roof surface like solar panels, glass, the melting runoff acts as a lubricant between the panel surface and the accumulated snow mass above. As this happens the panel surface becomes frictionless (no granules to allow water to run off as the mass is held in place) and the entire accumulated snow mass will release and come barreling off the solar panels like an avalanche. We’ve even created a hashtag for this phenomenon: #SolAvalanche

What happens when a SolAvalanche occurs? Gutters can be ripped off, expensive landscaping can be destroyed, cars and other items in driveways and on porches or decks can get damaged, and pets may be in harm’s way. But most importantly, it can become a serious hazard to pedestrians.

We’ve spent the better half of a decade in R&D to develop our frame-mounted solar snow management solutions.

Take a look at the options:

Solar SnowMax-R2

On the eave edge of an array, our Solar SnowMax-R2 is used. The R2 is the tallest fence option, with the fence/bar measuring a robust 2 1/4” tall for those projects requiring a higher fence at the eaves. You can even add an optional black insert strip to match black panel frames!

Additional tiers of snow management may be needed up-slope, and that’s where the next 2 systems come into play.

Solar SnowMax-Standard is our original design, with the fence/bar measuring 1 3/8” in height, making it an ideal system for installation upslope, as the low-profile will minimize shading.

Like Solar SnowMax-Standard, our Solar Snow Pad was designed for use when additional upslope tires of solar snow management are needed. The unique trait about the Solar Snow Pads is that it will also accept 3/8” stainless steel rods, which create a hybrid system that can be used as pad-style snow management AND as a pipe-style system if you choose to add the rods.

Installers in all corners of North America are already using our solar snow management solutions. Why? Because peace of mind is priceless.

Monitor your solar panels. Watch how snow and ice melts and falls from them.  Be mindful of paths, your driveway, your landscaping, your pets, and most importantly, people.

There you have it. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask – that’s what we’re here for!


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