How do I know what style snow guard I need?

For those of us who live in locations that receive any amount of snow during the course of the winter (even in the autumn and spring up here in our neck of the woods), managing rooftop snow is essential in protecting the areas immediately surrounding our homes and businesses, where people walk and play, where animals live, where our expensive landscaping resides, and where our cars are parked, our BBQ grills sit, and our gutters are in the direct line of fire.

But how do you know what type of snow guard is right type for your home? That’s where we come in. Our technical team is rich with talent – they know exactly what’s needed for what roof type, and by employing our ground snow load database, they can help determine what type of snow guard is not only right for your home, but for your location, as well.


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The Alpine SnowGuards® team designs, engineers and manufactures over 50 variations of snow guards, with custom pieces always welcome. 50! Seems like a lot, right?  It is, and here’s why – every roof is different (material, slope, shape, size, pitch, valleys, etc….), and ground snow loads vary significantly from one area to another.  This is the exact reason we make a snow guard for every roof type, new or existing, and in many styles that differ in form and function.

We offer 4 styles of snow guards, each with a unique purpose:

Pad-StylePipe-StyleFence-Style, and Solar Snow Management.

Pad-Style Snow Guards

Traditional pad-style snow guards are designed specifically to add friction to a frictionless surface, which will help prevent a sudden roof avalanche of snow and ice.  Our pad-style snow guards feature our riveted “fish head” design, providing maximum strength while maintaining aesthetic integrity, and most are available in mill finish, copper, and many color options.


Pipe-Style Snow Guards

Acting as a barricade, pipe-style snow guards prevent large sections of snow and ice from avalanching off a roof.  Our pipe-style snow guards are precision engineered to be not only durable, but beautiful as well.  We offer two-pipe and three-pipe snow retention systems and we also make several height-adjustable bracket options to accommodate roof pitches of many ranges.  You can even have your system powder coated to match your roof.


To get started, just fill out our simple layout request form and we’ll provide you with a FREE recommended layout.

Fence-Style Snow Guards

The Alpine SnowGuards team is very proud of our SnowMax system, which is the strongest snow management system on the market.  Fabricated from aircraft grade aluminum, and with bracket spacing up to 48” on center, this system is an easy to install, cost-effective solution.  SnowMax is available for 3 roof types – standing seam, corrugated metal and membrane. We also have the Bronze Angle system for use on copper roofs with vertical standing seams.


With the amazing depth of the products we offer, we’re lucky to have a superhero in the office named Matt (below) – he’s our Animator and CAD Designer, and he’s in the process of creating very detailed installation videos for all of our products. Check out this video he just did for SnowMax-Standing Seam, and discover how fast, easy, and hassle-free the system is to install.


Since our Sister Company, EcoFasten Solar, manufactures patented, watertight solar roof mounts, and recognizing a need for solar snow management solutions, we developed Solar SnowMax-Standard, SolarSnowMax-R2, and Solar Snow Pad, all of which were specifically designed for use on solar arrays, in both portrait or landscape solar panel orientation.


Want to watch another video or two? Here they are: Solar SnowMax-Standard and SolarSnowMax-R2.

And if you’d like to check out our products by roof type, let me lead the way!

So there you have it – the low down on snow guards and a brief overview of each type.  If you’re like me, you’ll still have questions, so just email us – that’s what we’re here for!  Want a sample?  Just let us know and we’ll be happy to send one right out to you.


We keep snow in its place 


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