Smart Standing Seam Solutions

When it comes to mounting solar modules or snow retention systems to metal standing seam roofs, installers rely on secure attachment points that won’t compromise the integrity of the roof. With solar installations and snow management installations often going hand-in-hand, EcoFasten Solar and our Sister Company Alpine SnowGuards wanted to share with you some innovative solutions for metal standing seam roofs (don’t forget, our product lines consist of systems for all roof types).

Our ASGU Clamps are an extremely versatile, durable, and widely used solution – here’s why:


Image by Peck Solar
  • Fast and easy to install
  • Utilizes 2 set screws
  • Durable AL fabrication
  • Clamp measures 2″ L x 1.5″ W
  • Made in the USA using recycled materials
  • Configurations for both vertical and horizontal seams
  • No adhesive, so there’s no effect from temperature fluctuations
  • Set screws provide a secure attachment point without penetrating roofing materials
  • Clamp-to-seam technology won’t void panel manufacturer’s warranties
  • The ideal solution for attaching just about anything to a metal standing seam roof

Snow management is an entirely different animal, but the idea remains the same for standing seam roofs – products that won’t pierce the roofing material, and will provide a firm, robust attachment. Here are 3 of the more popular systems in our line of snow guards:

SnowMax – Fence Style System


Image by Holland Roofing
Image by Holland Roofing

Manufactured from aircraft-grade aluminum, SnowMax is the strongest snow management system on the market and is fast and easy to install, making it extremely cost-efficient. The increased bracket spacing (up to 48″) accommodates the new, wider insulated metal roof panels that are now being commonly used.  Our SnowMax-U2 bracket fits most standard double-lock seams and accepts a 2” wide color insert to match metal roofing material. We’ve also engineered options for corrugated metal and membrane roofs.

ASG4025 – Pipe Style System


Forged from a solid block of recycled aluminum, and measuring a big 4” long and 5 ¼” tall, the ASG4025 Two-Pipe Snow Guard System accepts 1” Pipe, and is compatible with the use of ice flags and ice screens. Utilizing 3 set screws, you get a secure attachment that will do the job. Our standard system comes in mill finish, and you can always request powder coating using RAL TIGER Drylac® Exterior Colors to match any roof.

PD81 – Pad Style Snow Guard


Image by Peter B., Upstate New York
Image by Peter B., Upstate New York

The unique “saddle” design of this pad-style snow guard will hold back snow and ice, and allow melt-off and rain to flow through. Easy to install, with just one set screw, and no assembly required means that this option is also an efficient one. This snow guard also come standard in mill finish, and can be powder-coated.

With over 3 decades of roofing experience, our founder and President knows firsthand how important it is to put the roof first and foremost. With an extensive product line that was engineered to be rugged by design, employing fabrication and quality manufacturing principles that will maintain the integrity of the roof without voiding roofing manufacturer’s warranties, every product meets roofing industry best practices, as well as International Building Codes, International Residential Building Codes, and State Building Codes.

There’s a good reason the top installers in the U.S. rely on EcoFasten Solar and Alpine SnowGuards:

  • Fastest, easiest, most straightforward installs in the industry
  • Most cost effective solutions available
  • Versatile designs for all roof types – new or retrofit
  • Patented, watertight compression technology is utilized on our solar roof mounts and some of our snow guards
  • Made in the USA using recycled materials


By identifying customer needs and voids in the marketplace, our Product Development and Engineering teams utilize advanced engineering techniques in order to manufacture easy to install systems that make sense.


All products are rigorously tested in-house to ensure top-notch workmanship that is compliant with, and meets or exceeds industry standards and best practices. Products are also beta tested in the field, which provides valuable feedback and additional industry insight. Lastly, products are sent to 3rd party testing facilities where several performance modes are implemented to guarantee overall success of the products design and technical development. Some of our testing protocols include allowable load limits, maximum pullout weights, shear, and rain testing to ensure every product does what we say it will do.

So, the next time you’re working on a metal standing seam roof, give us a shout! We have many solutions for all roof types, and will always deliver you exactly what you need, with a turnaround time and customer service team that are truly second to none.

Want a free sample of any of our products? Just let either company know:

EcoFasten Solar Sample Request    /    Alpine SnowGuards Sample Request



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Alpine SnowGuards® line of products are designed and engineered based on first-hand knowledge accumulated over decades of experience, and are always extensively tested by 3rd party testing facilities, in our own facilities, and in the field by roofing experts. Our snow guards use a proven fastening method that will maintain the roofs integrity, without voiding the roofing manufacturer’s warranty and can be installed on new or existing (retrofit) roofs. Many of our snow guards are available in a multitude of color and powder coating options to match any roof and please even the most discerning taste. We even offer custom solutions for custom projects.


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