Fusion-Guard Snow Retention System on Synthetic Slate

The Fusion-Guard, a hybrid pad-style snow guard, was created to meet the snow retention needs of the ever-growing synthetic roofing tile market. Since its introduction in January 2020, the Fusion-Guard material offering has included aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized cold rolled steel, red brass, and custom powder-coated options.

The Fusion-Guard system is considered a “Hybrid-Style” snow guard because of the patented rod attachment capabilities. Specifically designed to fit the needs of homeowners not wanting a large pipe-style system, the rods attach between brackets at the leading edge to increase the snow hold of the system. These guards should be installed in a pad-style layout and then retrofit with the rods and rod brackets if there is a need for added snow retention. An added advantage to the “hybrid-style” of the Fusion-Guard is that they are easily retrofit onto existing slates, tiles, and shakes. These guards are the perfect solution for homes and businesses that discover a snow slide issue after installing a new roof! 


Refer to the blog: Can a Snow Guard Manufacturer Guarantee that their Snow Retention Device will retain all Snow and Ice on a Roof Top? for detailed information about the differences between “Pad-Style” & “Pipe-Style” systems.   


During the winter of 2021, our original hybrid-style system, the Fusion-guard, was installed in a three-row pattern at the leading edge of our research facility. A synthetic slate covers this roof surface on a 12/12 pitch (45°). Without any added protection, this roof surface will shed any snow accumulation once the temperature rises and creates a meltwater layer between the roof surface and the snowpack. 

The Fusion-Guards installed with rods attached retained the snow on the roof for the entirety of the winter until the temperature rose in the spring, and the snow ran off the eave as water. It was now clear that even in a heavy snow load on steeply pitched roofs, the “hybrid-style” is a trusted solution for keeping snow in its place and protecting what roams below the eaves.

WHY THE Fusion-Guard?

  • Installs on nine different roof types & pairs with dozens of roofing manufacturers
  • It can be used on new or retrofit applications
  • 2 3/4″ snow guard height is an effective option for synthetic slate and shake
  • Offers excellent snow retention with a modernized aesthetic

Want to learn more?  Visit the links below!

Product page: https://bit.ly/3FNkO5y

Fusion-Guard Submittal Documents: https://bit.ly/33CkgCH

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