Full Steam Ahead

Is anyone else having a hard time comprehending the fact that tomorrow will be TWO WEEKS since opening day of PV Conference & Expo in Boston? It just doesn’t seem possible….Q1 is almost over…but how can that be? It just started! We’re already looking forward to Intersolar in July, which, by the way, is just FOUR MONTHS away! Whoa, someone needs to wave their magic “time please stop going so quickly” wand!

While we were in Boston we talked about this with most of you, and it’s worth mentioning again here: We are THRILLED to be in a position to better serve our valued partnerships by having offices on both sides of the country. You deserve it.

The excitement in the air is almost electric! Being able to work cohesively from both our Morrisville, VT location and our new Phoenix, AZ location puts us in such a wonderful position to ensure that the needs of our customers on both coasts are being met efficiently, while allowing our partnerships to grow, and providing us with the capacity that’s essential for the high volume manufacturing and warehousing of our ever-growing product line. Because we’re in the business of making things easy, we figured we might as well take it one step further.


Back to the show: It was great, and as usual, the turnout at the show (formerly known as PVA) was fantastic. We’ve always enjoyed seeing everyone, and this year was no different.

If you stopped by our booth, thank you! YOU make the show what it is – innovative, inspiring, and invaluable.


Our big hit this year was SimpleGrip, our latest innovation for mounting on low-slope roofing. It actually didn’t come as a big surprise to us, with so many low-slope roofs all over the map, and especially after our webinar on best practices for installing on low-slope roofing was met with such enthusiasm.

SimpleGrip was engineered specifically for use on low-slope and flat roofing applications, and because it’s compatible with a variety of compression bracket options, installers are enjoying the customization flexibility for each and every low-slope or flat roofing project they work on.



Picture this: A system that utilizes the patented, watertight compression technology EcoFasten is known for, and is fast and easy to install….Want to see how easy? Check out this brilliant install animation.


(SimpleGrip can be used with our rail-free Rock-It System, as shown above, in conformance to UL 2703)

Because SimpleGrip has a large base, multiple attachment points are incorporated to distribute compressive loads over standard insulation. Meeting or exceeding all known building codes, the system was tested extensively for watertight properties, pullout, and shear in accordance with ASTM D1761-06 (mechanical fasteners in wood) and AC286 (rain testing), and was designed to attach to new or retrofit roofs. All of this is going on while the lightweight, durable construction enhances wind uplift and seismic values without adding additional weight.

During the same time frame as the show, and about an hour slightly Northwest of Boston, we exhibited and led installer training sessions at altE Store’s 5th annual Solar Installer Conference in Boxborough, which has grown considerably over the years. The conference provides training for installers through over 30 sessions covering topics including NEC updates, continuing education sessions where installers received NABCEP credits, and product-specific trainings (like for our rail-free Rock-It System (below left), and Solar SnowMax-R2 (below right), a frame-mounted solar snow management system, and the brain child of our Sister company Alpine SnowGuards.


Interested in getting more info on SimpleGrip, Rock-It System, Solar SnowMax-R2, or any of our products? Feel free to email us – that’s what we’re here for!

See you all at Intersolar! In the meantime, don’t forget to vote for us in the Racking & Mounting category of Solar Power World’s Leadership in Solar Energy 2016! Thanks in advance!





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