Especially for You: Calculator Upgrade – Phase II

Our top-rated gratitude simulator has been upgraded is better than ever with a slick new appreciation interface and now features synthetic smile technology.

Just kidding, but not too far off the mark….

Back in July, we launched Phase I of our Online Project Calculator upgrades. Those updates included the integration of pad-style snow guards, making our somewhat archaic pad-style calculator obsolete. We also added a summary of your roof type info on the BOM page, as well as an easier way to enter barrel roof type info. Besides that, our new systems, Alpine SimpleGuard, Alpine SafeGuard and Alpine SnowPad for slate/shingle/tile roofing, as well as Alpine SnowPad for metal roofing, were all added to the platform.

In the blog post outlining the Alpine SnowGuards’ Online Project Calculator Phase I upgrades, I mentioned that we would have even more upgrades available by the end of summer. With 10 days left (waaahhh!), we are happy to announce that the Phase II upgrades are now complete!

There have been a myriad of changes to the back-end that make the calculator function more smoothly overall – at the same time, the upgrades that YOU will notice and appreciate the most, are:

❄ The ability to obtain linear foot pricing, as well as per-piece pricing.

❄ Ice Flags can now be added to each of your project’s roof sections as wanted/needed.

❄ Snow loads have been updated, with over 3,500 new or updated snow loads by zip code.

❄ Pad-Style snow guards can now be calculated for all roof types.

❄ Clarified bracket and base plate selector for composition shingle vs. slate, to ensure you receive the correct info and pricing on systems that utilize a 6” x 12” base plate.

Pair all of these upgrades with the fact that the Online Project Calculator can be used for anytime calculations (you sign up only once, and can store & recall your projects quickly and easily, any time), as well as FREE recommended layouts, printable estimates, system comparison options, and more, I’m feeling like instead of “Online Project Calculator”, we should’ve called it our “Online Personal Estimator”.

If you haven’t used the calculator yet, you should definitely sign up and see what you’re missing. We know it will be worth your while.

Thank you, as always, for taking the time to read what we’re up to. We will keep you posted of even more upgrades as they’re added. Until then, if you have any questions, or would like any additional information, you can visit us online, or contact us by phone at 888.766.4273 or by email at

You may find that you have questions….just let us know – that’s what we’re here for! If a sample would be helpful, we’ll send one out, no problem.

We manufacture snow management systems for ALL roof types, new or retrofit, offering traditional pad-style, pipe-style and fence-style snow guards, as well as snow management systems designed specifically for use on solar arrays!


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