A SIPs Solution: There’s Nothing Else Like It

Installing solar arrays on Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs) can be complex, since there’s no embedded lumber throughout the structure. The EcoFasten Solar R&D and engineering teams love opportunities like this because it gives them the chance to do what they do best – create fast, easy, straight-forward solutions that makes sense, while remaining cost-effective.


The Eco-44R-NDD was designed specifically for use on SIPs, and has quickly gained recognition throughout the solar community as the go-to system for installs on SIPs.  In fact, it’s the only system on the market designed for use on SIPs panels.


Creating an impenetrable moisture barrier by utilizing the patented, watertight technology EcoFasten is known for, the lightweight, yet durable fabrication enhances wind uplift and seismic values without adding to the system’s overall weight.  Meeting or exceeding all known building codes means the Eco-44R-NDD is a solution you can trust, maintaining the integrity of the roof, without voiding the roofing manufacturer’s warranty.


(Image from Windfree Solar, Chicago – Eco-44R-NDD installed on this SIPs roof with comp shingles)

So, what makes our NDD solution so durable, yet easy to install?

  • The 6” x 6” stainless steel base plate incorporates 8 fastener points, giving the system the capability of being installed directly to the roof deck, without needing to engage a rafter. The large base plate also distributes compressive loads over standard insulation.


  • Eco-44R-NDD flashing includes one EPDM sealing washer


  • Compatibility with a variety of EcoFasten compression bracket options, for a customized solution


  • Extensively tested for pullout and shear
  • Can be used on roofs built using wood decking or wood blocking
  • For use on new OR retrofit roofs

Pretty straight forward, right?  That’s what we aim for – making your time on the roof easier and faster. There’s a reason the top installers in the country rely on us.

We would love to send you a free sample so you can discover the EcoFasten Solar difference for yourself.

Have any questions?  Just let us know – that’s what we’re here for!






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