Brackets Galore: An Installers Guide

When I walked through the door on my first day at EcoFasten Solar, I was baffled by all of the products that were being put in front of me, with names I was sure I would never remember (I got over that quickly).  It was a classic case of information overload.  After just a few weeks though, I had it down-pat, as it turned out it was not as tricky as I had originally thought it might be.  Our new website does a great job of illustrating which bracket options are compatible with our flashing and system options, and to make it even easier to find what you need, I thought it would be nice to have this information in one place, as a quick reference.


There are a wide variety of solar roof mounts in our line of products that are compatible with virtually all racking models on the market.  We have also been known to take on many custom requests over the years.  Our L-Feet use 3/8” bolts and nuts for racking attachment and are compatible with any racking system with horizontal attachment points that will fit these dimensions.

With that being said, take a few minutes to check out some of our bracket options, that, when paired with an EcoFasten flashing that utilizes our patented, watertight compression technology, will protect the integrity of the roof without compromising roofing manufacturer’s warranties.

Here are a few of the many options we offer:

When it comes to bracket options, the L-102-3 compression bracket is a common choice.  No adaptor plate is necessary and the two attachment points on the vertical leg will give you some height adjustability.  This bracket is compatible with our GreenFasten™ – GF1 for composition shingle roofs, QuikFoot for shingle or slate, Eco-44R-NDD for SIPs panels, our Tile Flashing System, and with our CorruSlide and Simple Seal System for metal roofs.  This bracket is also available in a 6” option (L-102-6).


Our SCL-101-3 is compatible with the same systems as above, and features an open, slotted attachment point on the vertical leg that allows for a wide range of adjustability.  All you have to do is attach your EcoFasten roof mount to the roof, pre-set the hardware to the rack, and drop the rack into the pre-set SCL-101-3.  Easy peasy!


With one counter-sunk fastener point on the lower leg and one slotted attachment point on the upper leg, our Z-101 compression bracket is ideal for installing racking systems with vertical attachment points.  The Z-101 is also compatible with the 6 systems detailed above.


Our CP-SQ-Slotted adaptor plate allows installers to use 3rd party L-Feet with many of our flashings/systems.  The milled counter-sink on the bottom of the plate ensures watertight protection when fitted with an EPDM rubber bushing.  The channel along the top of the plate allows moisture and water to flow out and away, rather than pooling around the fastener head.


We all know that low-slope roofing requires specifically designed and engineered systems, so attachment can be made directly to the wood decking (or wood blocking).  Our Eco-44 and Eco-44R (retrofit) systems for low-slope roofing can be paired with different bracket or stand-off options which provide customized solutions.

Our P-6-CSK 6” compression post makes it possible to flash the roof mount with a membrane roofing manufacturer’s pipe boot, split boot or witches hat to comply with manufacturer’s warranties.  We also offer a 3” version, the P-3-CSK.


If you’re looking for the option of attachment to the side of the post OR to the top of the post, while maintaining a low profile, then the C-102-6 C bracket is what you’ll want to use.  This bracket is an ideal add-on to the P-6-CSK compression post.


Our Eco-65 low-slope system is unique in that it can be used on the same low-slope applications (membrane, built-up, hot tar), and can also be used to install solar arrays on SIPs panels.  Used by countless manufacturers of ballasted solar racking systems, Eco-65 can be customized for your project by choosing one of three compatible compression brackets:

The F-202 is a versatile compression bracket with dual fastener points that was designed to work with our Eco-65 base plate.  The center lift helps ensure that the racking will sit flush against the bracket, as well as giving it a little additional height.  The F-202 also can be used on metal roofing with our Simple Seal bushings, or on composition shingle roofs with our GreenFasten™ – GF2 flashing.


Another dual-fastener compression bracket option is our L-202 L-Foot which is not only compatible with the Eco-65 base plate for membrane roofing, or with built up/torch down roofing and SIPs panels, but also with our GreenFasten™ – GF2 and Simple Seal System.


The Z-202 compression bracket utilizes the same “Z” shape as the Z-101, but this bracket allows for two fastener points.  The slotted attachment points on the upper horizontal leg give the installer adjustability and versatility.


Our patented designs give you confidence in knowing that your roof mount system will remain impermeable even under the most extreme conditions.  A precision design process, technical research and development, and extensive testing means that each and every EcoFasten Solar product you use was designed with the highest standards.  Our roof mounts and components are fast, easy and hassle-free to install.  Get a free sample and see what you think!

When you need solar roof mounts for ANY kind of roof, let us know and we’ll make sure you have what you need.  We have solutions for shingle, tile, corrugated metalstanding seam, SIPs panels, low-slope and slate roofing.  If you ever have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to email us – that’s what we’re here for!

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