EcoFasten Solar Returns from Intersolar 2014

As noted by California Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr., the state has a rich history of innovation – this is the location so many people from around the world came to in droves, to mine for gold.  The Governor stated that, in regards to the solar industry, “there is a real mining of the imagination even more powerful than the mining of the Sierra’s for gold.”  And he’s right.


The EcoFasten Solar® crew got into San Francisco the night prior to the opening of Intersolar.  The booth was all set up on level 3, in the Components, Mounting and Tracking Systems area.  Happy to be there, and stoked to be exhibiting in our brand new 20’ x 20’ booth, Addie, Kelly and Zach saw an amazing turnout.

Intersolar 2014

Thank you to everyone who visited us at the show!  If you didn’t visit our booth, we had our newest products, including the Tile Flashing Systems, on display.  These innovative flashing systems replace one complete tile and use as little as 2 lag bolts for complete installation.  Add to that the patented, watertight compression technology that’s become synonymous with our name, and all in an area of the country that sees so many solar installs on tile roofing, and you have a real show-stopper.

Collage_Tile Systems

We also had a mock-up of our latest product launch, CorruSlide (soon to be added to our website), a bracket system designed specifically for installing solar panels on corrugated metal roofs.  This system installs to the sides of the ribs, not in the panel valleys where water flows and moisture accumulates, and works on any corrugate profile out there.  5 fastener points and pre-applied gasket tape ensure no leaking, and an extremely strong pullout value makes this system your go-to metal roof solution.


We also brought along the systems so many of you already know, and use: GreenFasten™, QuikFoot, Simple Seal System, Eco-44R-NDD, Eco-44, Conduit Mounts, as well as many of our products installed on actual roofs, so you could see just how they work, how they’re installed, and how they’ll look on the rooftop.  Solar SnowMax, from our Sister Company Alpine SnowGuards® was also installed on one of our roofs, a system designed to manage snow on solar arrays.

gf1_1_1205_detail assembled qf_1_2339_detail assembled Simple Seal with Simple Seal Bushing_3_181_detail

           GreenFasten™                   QuikFoot                          Simple Seal


eco44r-ndd_1_302_detaileco44_1_1399_detail assembled conduit-mount-bracket_2_696_general

        Eco-44R-NDD                        Eco-44                Conduit Mount Bracket


 Solar SnowMax

Our many bracket options also made the trip to California, so attendees could see first-hand how our patented technology works.

Were you there?  We’d love to hear your take on the show, and what you thought stood out in terms of booths you visited, conferences you attended, or anything else you feel like sharing.

Next up is SPI (Solar Power International) in Las Vegas in October.  We look forward to it, and we know that although October seems far off, it will come racing towards us and passing us by just as fast as the rest of this year has come and gone.

Until then….take care and stay connected.  If you have any questions, email us at  Sample request?  Click here


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