EcoFasten Solar: Installation Images Abound!

Every few months, we reach out to our customers to see if they have any installation images of projects using our products that could share with us.

Every time we ask, we get more than the last time, and wow, we are impressed with the work you are all doing! We rarely see an image that’s not hi-res or that isn’t simply gorgeous (in image quality AND project workmanship). You all take SUCH pride in your work, and you should – the images you sent us reflect that pride.


There’s a two-part theme going on here….I thought it would be fun to focus on areas of the country, this time in the Northeast, and all of these images happen to be of installations on comp shingle roofs.

Thank you to all who contributed this time around, and thank you to all who will contribute in the future.

Drumroll, please….

New England Clean Energy – Hudson, MA

The installers on this project used our GreenFasten flashing, with its proven, best-selling features including our patented, watertight compression technology. GreenFasten has become known as the fastest install in the industry, thanks to the ease of use, and single fastener application.

What a great looking installation. Thanks, guys!

NECleanEnergy_GF1 GF Left

Spectrum Energy – Maple Shade, NJ

When our lead Engineer, Alec, went to consult on an install with Spectrum Energy, they were nice enough to share some pretty great images with us, this being one of them.

The install used our rail-free Rock-It System on this comp shingle roof, and boy, did it do the job! With the unique top-down leveling feature, the system can be leveled during or after the installation, making it fast, easy, and completely hassle-free.

Nice job, Spectrum!

SpectrumEnergy rock-it_mount

New Day Energy – Kingston, MA

This roof is constructed of SIPs panels (structurally insulated panels), covered by composition shingles. New Day Energy opted to use our Eco-44R-NDD system, which was made specifically for installing solar PV arrays on SIPs panels. The system’s base plate requires 8 fasteners, so it can be installed directly to the roof deck without needing to engage a rafter.

It’s the only SIPs solution available, and we’re so glad to see it being used so widely. Great shot, New Day, and thanks again for sharing!

NewDayEnergy eco44r-ndd_2_569_detail

NRG Home Solar – Long Island, NY

Our Sister company, Alpine SnowGuards, is the industry leader in snow management solutions. We’ve spent the better part of the past 5 years in R&D on our line of solar snow management options, and installers all over North America, like NRG Home Solar, who sent us this fantastic image, are using it again and again as their go-to solution for mitigating a solar snow avalanche (or #solavalanche, as a guy named Ryan who used to work here coined….love it!)

The frame-mounted Solar SnowMax-R2 (below) is fabricated from aircraft-grade aluminum, and is the tallest bar system available, ideal for those arrays that require a higher fence at the eaves.

NRG solarsnowmaxr2_100_detail

Go Green Industries – Westford, MA

We also offer Solar SnowMax-Standard (shorter bar), and Solar Snow Pad, both of which are ideal options for managing snow up-slope. Solar SnowMax-Standard is seen in the image below. Thank you! Thank you!

GoGreenIndustries solarsnowmax_1616_detail

Long Trail Solar – Richmond, VT

Before I say anything about the installation, I have to say it….Richmond, VT is the town I grew up in! Woohoo! – ahem – OK, now that I’ve said it….The folks at Long Trail sent us this pretty cool image of 2 of their installers placing this array, again using our best-selling GreenFasten flashing and our L-102-3 compression bracket. The milled countersink in the underside of the bracket fits over the EPDM bushing that’s fit into the flashing. When the 2 are paired together, a compression seal is formed.

LongTrail L-102-3 - Copy

Once again we received some really great images, and once again, we’re happy to share those images with you! If you have any to share, please feel free to send them our way – we’d be more than happy to share them in our future blog posts, on our online gallery, on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn (we will always mention and/or backlink to your company, giving credit where credit is due – to you!).

We make solar roof mounts for all roof types, new or retrofit – take a look at our product line – we know there’s a solution for you.

Hope to see you all at Intersolar (can you BELIEVE it’s just 3 weeks away?!?!) If you’re there, swing by booth #9733, say hi to the crew, and see what’s new! We’d love to see you.

Oh, one last thing before I forget: Don’t forget to VOTE for us in the Racking & Mounting Category of Solar Power’s World’s Leadership in Solar Energy 2016!! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE J



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