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Five mind-boggling statistics about the solar industry….

It is always so intriguing to stumble upon facts regarding the solar industry….not only because of the extreme global interest in the subject matter at hand, but also because the information is remarkable and continually sheds light on the fact that solar just makes sense.

I have started collecting data as I discover it, and today felt like the perfect kind of day to share a sampling of what I’ve found.  As I write this, it is once again a blustery, below-average-temperature sort of day way up here in Northern Vermont, and being a solar-charged individual, I cannot restrain myself from dreaming about abounding sunshine, green grass (it’s been about 5 months since we’ve seen any up here!), enjoying fresh vegetables from my backyard garden, and the warmer, longer days that late spring and summer are courteous enough to provide us as a way of recharging our psychological batteries.

Morrisville Bright_sunshine_by_tomsumartin

Some of these facts are guaranteed to astound at least most of you, so keep reading.


The US solar industry employs more workers than coal miners (143,000 vs. 83,000).

About a third of the solar workers nationwide are in California, followed by Arizona, New Jersey, and Massachusetts

Worker coal-mine


The state of California employs more solar workers than working actors (47,223 vs. 32,300).

The falling cost of solar and the growing number of solar installations has provided a huge opportunity in California as well as in many other states.

CA Golden Globe Statue


More Texans work in solar than in ranching (4,100 vs. 2,410).  There is also enough solar potential in Texas alone to power the world twice over.

Texas ranks eighth in solar jobs, which is on par with states such as Colorado, New York, Massachusetts and Florida.

solar-texas tx_ranch_200


In just one minute, the sun provides enough usable energy to supply the world’s energy needs for one year.

Wait….one minute?  WOW!

One minutesolar-energy-example


Germany holds nearly half the world’s installed solar cell capacity.

*Erstaunlich! (“Amazing!” in German)

Germany Germany3


Well there you have it, five pretty powerful statements that encompass the enormity of solar power and the effects, all beneficial, it is having on our world.  Thanks for reading, and keep an eye out for more enlightening data in the future.  In the meantime, the EcoFasten Solar® team is gearing up for PV America in Boston, June 23rd, 24th and 25th – we hope to see you there!  We’ll be at booth #222, so stop by and say hi.

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