Custom Snow Guards? No Problem!

Industry leader Alpine SnowGuards was born in the mid-1990’s, and we’ve engineered custom snow guards ever since. Our company president and founder, Brian Stearns, was once a slate roofer in search of snow guards that wouldn’t fail under extreme snow loads like we often see in New England. Instead of continuing his (futile) search, he made his own and now we manufacture 60+ rugged rooftop snow management systems. That’s Brian on the left in the photo below, on a consulting job in Japan.

Custom adjective • cus-tom

1: Made or performed according to personal order

2: Specializing in custom work or operation


It wasn’t long before other roofers started asking where he was getting these new, robust snow guards that were unlike anything they’d ever seen before. And the rest is history.

Alpine SnowGuards Manufactures 60+ Snow Management Systems

Besides the 60+ systems we currently manufacture, we also design MANY solutions that are customized from the very beginning of the snow guard manufacturing cycle, the R&D and design phase.

Innovation has always been one of our many strong suits, and with the talent to back it up, we’ve created hundreds of customized snow management systems over the years. Systems that run the gamut from complicated, decorative and elaborate, to ornate, and even unusual. Systems created for small roofing contractors all the way up to the largest contractors in North America.

Take a peek at just some of these customized systems, and don’t hesitate to reach out the next time a project you’re working on requires something a little outside of the box. After all, it’s our specialty!

CUSTOM straight barrel mission tile three-pipe system


CUSTOM brass one-pipe bracket


CUSTOM PP375 three-pipe


CUSTOM PD51 Decra Villa tile pad-style snow guard

PD51_Decra Villa Tile_Cutsheet

CUSTOM SnowMax – Corrugated


CUSTOM two-pipe ledge bracket


We manufacture snow management systems for all roof types, new or retrofit, offering traditional pad-style, pipe-style and fence-style snow guards, as well as snow management systems designed specifically for use on solar arrays!

Questions? Just let us know – that’s what we’re here for!


We keep snow in its place


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Alpine SnowGuards®  designs, engineers, and manufactures snow management systems from our facilities in Morrisville, VT. We work closely with leading roofing contractors, engineering firms, developers, and roofing manufacturers to ensure we deliver quality products that do what we say they’ll do.