Choosing the Right Clamp-to-Seam Snow Management Solution

A metal standing seam roof is featured to highlight Alpine SnowGuards' snow guards for that roof type.

Of all the metal roofing options available for residential roofing, metal standing seam is the best-selling. And, it’s no wonder! It can improve the value of your home up to 6% when compared to an asphalt shingled roof. You’ll recoup an average 90% of costs you put into a new standing seam roof if you decide to sell. With almost zero maintenance and long-term warranties, it’s easy to see why metal standing seam roofs are popular. Metal roofing is recyclable, too.

Standing seam roofs are not only unique in appearance. They’re unique because attaching anything to them can be tricky because you don’t want to penetrate the roofing material.

Clamp-to-Seam Snow Guards

When you’re looking for a snow management system that’s ideal for standing seam roofs, we have you covered. Alpine SnowGuards’ systems employ clamp-to-seam technology. What does that mean? It means we’ve done our homework so you don’t have to.

Choosing and Installing Clamps

Some key points to remember when choosing and installing clamps:

  • Choose clamps that utilize oval-point set screws that won’t penetrate the roofing material
  • Choose ones that won’t void the roofing manufacturer’s warranty
  • Clamps that don’t utilize adhesive alleviate worry about the effects from changes in temperature
  • Before you install clamps, check the panels. Make sure they are securely fastened to the roof in order to absorb the load that will be transferred by adding clamps
  • Once the seam material compresses, make sure to tighten and then re-tighten the set screws
  • When installing clamps designed specifically for pipe-style snow management systems, be sure to leave a break every 100 feet to allow for thermal expansion
Now you’re ready to choose the system that’s best for you!

Multiple Style & Seam Configurations Available

Clamp-to-Seam snow guards are designed specifically for use with metal standing seam roofs. They are available in options for both vertical and horizontal seam configurations. We offer Standing Seam style snow guards in pad, pipe and fence style options, and in a wide variety of powder coating choices to match your roofing material. Below we’ll go over a few of our best-sellers. For more in-depth info, or to see our complete line of standing seam options, visit our website and take a peek!

Fence-Style Snow Management for Standing Seam Roofs

SnowMax Strongest System on the Market

If you’re looking for the strongest system on the market, for those areas with the greater snow loads, SnowMax clamp-to-seam snow guards are for you.

Image on left from Valor Systems, Norman, OK









Snow Guard Install: SnowMax Fence-Style

Check out this install animation and discover how easy it is to install, and exactly how it does the job it was designed to do.


Fabricated from aircraft grade aluminum, SnowMax is not only strong, it also saves installation time and cost, by allowing increased bracket spacing of up to 48” on center. We even offer optional color insert strips. The strips can be placed into the groove along the front of the system. Your snow management system will be functional while matching your roofing material. Configurations are also available for corrugated metal and membrane roofing. We’ve even developed solar snow management systems specifically for use on solar PV arrays.

Pipe-Style Snow Management for Standing Seam Roofs

When you’re looking for a pipe-style system, our ASG4025 clamp-to-seam snow guards are a rugged solution.












(Image on left from Paul Unger, a Vermont homeowner who installed the system entirely himself)

Forged from a single block of aluminum, and measuring a 5.25”, the ASG4025 utilizes 2 oval-point set screws, and can be powder coated to match your roofing material to a tee.

Pad-Style Snow Management for Standing Seam Roofs

There is one option that stands out in our mind when it comes to pad-style. The ASG33 clamp-to-seam snow guard is decorative and beautiful, with a “winged” design that can also be powder-coated to match the roofing.

This versatile snow guard has been used on such iconic places as Cornell University, as well as remote cabins, and multi-million dollar mansions.

Image on top left from Charles F. Evans Company, Inc. in Elmira, NY – Cornell University, Goldwin Smith Hall historic reroof project














We have many options to choose from – in fact, we have a snow management system for every roof type!

Have questions? Go ahead and ask – that’s what we’re here for!


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(This blog was originally published May 10, 2016)