Copper-Plated Stainless Steel Snow Guard

The Snow Bird, a hybrid pad-style snow guard, was created to meet the snow retention needs of the ever-growing synthetic roofing tile market.  Since its introduction in March 2021, the Snow Bird material offering has included galvanized steel, pre-powder coated dark bronze galvanized steel, brass, and custom powder-coated galvanized steel options.  We are now happy Keep reading….

Snow Guards For Custom Tile Applications

For over 20 years, Alpine SnowGuards has designed, engineered, and tested snow retention devices for many roof types. Throughout this time, hundreds of projects have required custom snow guards. Whether the reason is a unique roof type or the desire to achieve a specific look, Alpine has solutions for any snow retention needs. One of Keep reading….

The Danger of a Sliding Snow Mass!

       It is generally understood that unrestricted snow and ice cascading off of an elevated surface can be a dangerous situation. However, when we install snow management systems to protect us from these dangerous conditions, we tend to forget that there is a mass of snow and ice resting atop our roofs. Snow Keep reading….

History Repeats Itself

History Repeats Itself Maybe this could have been appropriately titled “Roofing Groundhog Day”. Yes, history repeats itself and unfortunately, for many of you who follow this blog, so do I. For the large group of you who have been following along; you have read about roofing and snow retention devices back in the late 1800’s Keep reading….

RE-POST: Fusion-Guard: The Ultimate HYBRID Snow Guard

Fusion-Guard: The Ultimate HYBRID Snow Guard As most of you know, Alpine SnowGuards launched a revolutionary new rooftop snow management system, Fusion-Guard, late in 2019. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, especially from project engineers and roofing contractors. This is a one-of-a-kind HYBRID system designed by a roofer, for roofers At its core, Fusion-Guard is a pad-style snow guard.   If added protection Keep reading….

Increased Demand for Snow Guards on Synthetic Shingle Roofs

Increased Demand for Snow Guards on Synthetic Shingle Roofs The past 3-4 years Alpine Snow Guards has seen an increased demand for snow guards to be installed on synthetic shingle roofs. A response to this phenomenon would be to ask, “Is there an increase in demand for synthetic shingle roofs?” The answer to that question Keep reading….

Snow Guards for Residential Construction: The Do’s, the Don’ts and the Dilemma

Leading into future blog content; I would like to revisit an important concept as to why people make decisions on certain snow guards. Reiterating the “Do’s”, the “Don’ts”, and the “Dilemma”. To those of you who’ve been following/reading my blogs, thank you. Over the course of the next several postings, I’m confident that as a Keep reading….