One Best-Selling Snow Guard for 20 Roof Types

A hybrid snow guard that is both pad- and pipe-style

Are you planning to replace your roof? Has it suffered from wear and tear, or is it time to modernize? Either way, many decisions are on the horizon. You might have noticed a common theme among asphalt, metal and eco-friendly roofing design trends of 2022: color. Within each trend are an amazing variety of color choices to complement your home. Rooftop snow and ice management could be a consideration for you, too. You might be interested to learn how snow guards can protect your egress points and landscape from rooftop avalanching snow and ice. But will snow guards play well with your aesthetic? Fortunately, snow guard design has kept up with modern roofing trends. Here’s one best-selling snow guard for 20 roof types you can embrace for its design innovation, color options and finishes.

Design Innovation

Alpine SnowGuards’ innovated Fusion-Guard to be a “hybrid” snow guard, with the minimalist look of pad-style that can accommodate optional rods. The strap length can be custom cut and tucks securely under your roof shingle. Stiffening ribs on the front of the pad add rigidity and strength while allowing the optional rods to sit static. This flexibility of converting to pipe-style if and when you choose does not compromise the overall appearance of the snow guard.

Color Options & Finishes

The word is that the top trending roof shingle colors of 2022 are hues of brown, blue, green, and off-white. With 192 powder coat colors to choose from, Alpine can color match your snow guards for an even more discreet look. We custom powder coat too – in-house for increased efficiency. Check out all the RAL Tiger Drylac Color Options. Of course, Fusion-Guard is available in mill finish (aluminum, stainless steel, red brass) and pre-powder coated dark bronze (aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized cold rolled steel) to satisfy those with an industrial aesthetic, too.

20 Roof Types

While roofing design trends of 2022 are focused on three roof types – asphalt, metal and eco-friendly roofs – Alpine SnowGuards’ Fusion-Guard can accommodate 20 roof types.

Fusion-Guard Accommodates 20 Roof Types

  • New Slate
  • Existing Slate
  • New Synthetic Slate or Shake
  • Existing Synthetic Slate or Shake
  • New Asphalt Shingle
  • Existing Asphalt Shingle
  • New Cedar Shingle
  • Existing Cedar Shingle
  • New Corrugated Metal
  • Existing Corrugated Metal
  • New Flat Tile
  • Existing Flat Tile
  • New French Tile
  • Existing French Tile
  • New Spanish Tile
  • Existing Spanish Tile
  • New Rounded Tile
  • Existing Rounded Tile

Performance Tested

Alpine SnowGuards is a leader in the snow and solar snow management industry. All our products are rigorously performance tested at our in-house testing facility, by 3rd party testing facilities, and in the field by roofing experts.

Video: Snow Guard Performance Testing | Fusion-Guard on Synthetic Slate

This video shows Fusion-Guards with and without the optional rods managing the release of snow on a synthetic slate rooftop at our in-house testing facility.

How to Get a Quote

Alpine SnowGuards’ Online Project Calculator is designed for construction industry professionals. Find a roofing contractor in your area through the National Roofing Contractors Association member directory. Once you do, your contractor can sign up for an Alpine SnowGuards’ account, and enter your project details (including rafter/eave length, roof pitch and zip code) in order to receive recommended snow guard layouts and pricing for you.

Fusion-Guard Installation Instructions

If Fusion-Guard is right for your roof, you can be confident your roofing contractor will have the documentation they need to ensure expert installation of your snow guards:

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