Because Membrane Roofs Need Snow Guards, Too!

Although Alpine SnowGuards manufactures solutions for all roof types, snow guards for membrane roofs seems are becoming more and more popular.

Snow guards are an extremely important consideration for any low-friction, sloped roof, such as membrane. Because membrane is a low-friction coating, the installation of snow guards will prevent any accumulated snow from barreling off the roof, and posing a risk to anything in the area immediately surrounding a home or building, including expensive landscaping, cars, pets, gutters, vent pipes, and most importantly, people.

Membrane roofing material

Our snow management solutions hold the snow and ice in place on the roof, allowing it to melt and shed gradually, instead of all at once in the form of a roof avalanche.

So, what are the options? Below are a couple of our most popular membrane roof systems.

PP115 Snow Guards for Membrane Roofs

The PP115 system is available in two or three pipe configurations,

The PP115 system is available in two or three pipe configurations, and was designed specifically to be installed directly into wood blocking or metal deck. The bracket is extruded aluminum, and measures 4” x 6”, while the stainless steel base plate measures 6” x 8”.

This system can be flashed using an optional target patch, and all options are compatible with ice flags. You can even get this system powder coated to match the roofing material.

Watch the Video

Snow Guard Install: PP115 to see how easy it is to install

SnowMax Snow Guard for Membrane Roofs

Our SnowMax family of products includes a fence-style system engineered for use on membrane roofing. SnowMax-Membrane is fabricated from aircraft-grade aluminum and employs our patented technology by way of 2 milled countersinks on the underside of the bracket, fit with EPDM rubber bushings that, when compressed, create an impenetrable compression seal.

You can even add an optional color insert strip, so your SnowMax system will match the roof perfectly.

SnowMax is the strongest snow management system on the market, and the increased bracket spacing of up to 48” on center means that you can order less materials, save on cost, and spend less time on the roof. Win, win, win.

A snow management system for membrane roofs
Crafted from aircraft grade aluminum, SnowMax is strongest snow management system on the market

SnowMax is also available for metal standing seam roofs, corrugated metal roofs, and even for solar arrays!

60 Options of Snow Guards for Every Roof Type

We have almost 60 options to choose from, as well as custom pieces – remember, we have a snow management system for EVERY roof type.

Have questions? Go ahead and ask – that’s what we’re here for!

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Thanks in advance!

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