Avoid Gutter Damage with Snow Guards

There are those areas of buildings that most of us don’t think about all that often. That is, until we have to. One of those areas is the gutters that are in place to carry rain water away from the building. Constant dampness in a basement or on top of a slab foundation can cause odors, decaying or deformed wood, peeling paint and even mold or mildew growth – not to mention structural damage.

Yes, our gutters are there, they do their job, we clean debris and leaves out of them periodically throughout the year, spray them off from time to time to eliminate staining, and that’s pretty much the extent of it. They do their job. And they do it well.

Now, bring on the snow! Those rarely thought about gutters may need some serious attention. Accumulated rooftop snow that eventually slides off in the form of a roof avalanche can leave your gutters hanging – literally – since they are directly in the line of fire.

Even if the building is in a location that receives only trace amounts of snow annually, one storm is all it takes. Your gutters and the areas immediately surrounding your home (landscaping, your deck, porch, air conditioning unit, BBQ grill, cars, pets and people) deserve protection from avalanching snow. Think of it as protecting your investment, because that’s really what it is. Protecting people, protecting property and mitigating liability are all essential.

Alpine SnowGuards is here to help!  As industry leaders in the design, engineer, and manufacture of over 60 snow management systems, as well as countless custom designs, we offer solutions for all roof types, available in many style, material and color options (we utilize Firestone® Una-Clad colors as well as RAL TIGER Drylac® Exterior colors).

Do your gutters (and yourself) a favor by installing snow guards manufactured by the experts.

What makes us experts?

First off, the President and founder of Alpine SnowGuards is a former slate roofer with 4 decades of roofing experience, so he and our team understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of the roof first and foremost. Alpine SnowGuards’ snow management systems are rugged by design, employing fabrication and quality manufacturing principles that ensure our systems won’t void roofing manufacturer’s warranties.

There are some very good reasons the top roofing contractors in North America rely on Alpine:

  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Versatility (new or retrofit)
  • Fast and easy installations
  • Top-notch Customer Service 
  • Approachable, knowledgeable and friendly staff
  • Excellent lead times
  • We use recycled materials, offering broad range of solutions that can help a building qualify for LEED® credits through the USGBC®.

Design Process

By identifying client needs and voids in the marketplace, our product development and engineering teams utilize advanced engineering techniques in order to manufacture quality snow management systems.

Research and Technical Development

New product development and design are critical facets of any manufacturing company, and extensive research and development is essential in creating systems that work, systems that are durable and systems that are watertight.

Prevent a dreaded roof avalanche. Your gutters will thank you.

Have questions or need more info?  Don’t hesitate to email us or give us a call at 888-766-4273.  That’s what we’re here for!

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Check out our complete product line on our website, where you can search by roof type or by snow guard style. We’ve even developed a line of systems for application on urban ledges, cornices, parapets and sloped walls, as well as the only frame-mounted solar snow management systems in the industry!

We keep snow in its place




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Alpine SnowGuards designs, engineers, and manufactures snow management systems from our facilities in Morrisville, VT. We work closely with leading roofing contractors, engineering firms, developers, and roofing manufacturers to ensure we deliver quality products that do what we say they’ll do. Alpine SnowGuards can help a building qualify for LEED® credits.

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